Friday, March 21, 2008

Wake the sun.

Last night was Jaime's birthday party - in a bar that has a pool. Or, a pool with a bar in it. And a DJ. And a steamroom. And a sauna. Um, the amount of fun had by people sipping/chugging drinks and dancing in a pool? Unlimited. Unfortch for me, the trains were running SO SLOW last night (I hate the F-V! Always!) that we didn't get home at a decent hour in order for me to shower properly post-chlorine sexy-party time. And I could not wake up this morning. So, if you're following here, I am currently sitting at work...smelling like chlorine. Sigh.

Oh, Jiscilla posted some pics from Tuesday night! I had my cell phone out because people wanted to see the ring in the darkened bar, so wala, light.


My dad sent me an e-mail todoay, and he used a sadface. The internets have gotten to my dad!

I still LOVE Dave Grohl. And I will continue to post his awesome quotes:

HARP: You’re a married man now with a beautiful two-year-old daughter. What do family values mean to you? The Republicans have perverted that phrase for their own cause while Hillary says it takes a village—

[cutting in] You know what it takes? It takes a barbecue. I think that what the country needs now is a good, smoky barbecue—family style, at least once a week, winter months included. Every Sunday.

Also, Ryan Adams ramblings set off constant grins. Today he even wrote about KEANU!

Jada and Will stay strong. Like a Minor Threat album that never stops. Like a double rainbow. I look to that bond with total hope for humanity. Also they both have major talent AND I mean, the stunts in I AM LEGEND and the MATRIX, that is not easy stuff. If you watch the extra “making-of” dvd that comes with the MATRIX you can see just how hard they worked to get into shape to walk up walls and do back-flips. Keanu, who is another of my favorites ( I mean after Constantine, gimme a break, they should have just stopped making movies for a while and took note….CLASSfuckingIC…. I wish they would do more movies in hollywood with Will Smith, Harry Connick Jr, and Bruce Willis…in like one move. that would be extreme. I would wait on line forever with Wendy my pink houseplant and we would see EVERY prequel which as you know, is such a thrill ride in itself these days what with modern cinema surround-sound and the smell of peoples jackets...

I really do love that Crazy Face. In related news, apparently Ryan has been dating Mandy Moore since December. Also, last night the DJ played a Ryan Adams song - uh, stoked are I!


  1. Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore? Well, though I'm freakishly protective of my Mandy, I'm strangely okay with this relationship. Not as good as she and Zach Braff, but still delightful.

  2. That pool bar (bar pool?) sounds pretty awesome.

    And I just cracked up at that Ryan Adams rambling. Will Smith, Harry Connick Jr, and Bruce Willis in one movie would probably make my year.

  3. renee - i'm so glad mandy's over zach! zach was quite the ladies man last summer in nyc; i'm a total scrubs freak, but stories of his douchebaggery were frightening. not that mr. adams hasn't had douchebag moments, ha.

    alice - ryan adams = profesh rambler.