Thursday, March 20, 2008

I like freeze tag much better.

Okay. Lyndsey asked me to do this "meme." I assure you, I've never...evs have done a "meme" and I had to google "meme" to find out exactly what it is. I didn't really get a definition, just a bunch of - you guessed it - memes! This is my first, and probably last, attempt. I've never been an online survey type.

01 Link to the person who tagged you. LYNDSEY.
02 Post the rules. CHECK. (PS, THESE ARE THE RULES)
03 Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself. BELOW.
05 Be sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you did. NO. YOU LURK ME AND FIND OUT. YOU. LURK. ME.

ONE I am a texture eater. Texture > taste.

TWO I enjoy The Rock. Yeah, that dude who used to wrestle. But I've never seen him wrestle. I just like him - I don't know why. Very Keanu-esque in my world.

THREE I have a weird-hand/arm-shaking thing I do when I'm nervous/excited/angry/etc. but I usually only do it behind peoples' backs. It's come out of the closet since meeting Jesse. But I was careful to keep it hidden...I'm a spaz.

FOUR In tenth grade, I was so into Kevin Spacey, my 15-year-old self decided I would go see Mr. Spacey in Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh on Broadway for my Spring Break (I lived in Kentucky at the time). That's all I wanted to do. And I did it. And I met him. I've been nerdy for life.

FIVE Many times when I'm watching tv, I will just say, "bang it out." At times, this is my only commentary. Whether it be reality, sitcom, drama, movie, or the Discovery Channel, I say it. Or scream it. Whatever.

SIX I never, ever thought about getting married. I never dreamed of a dress. I never gave thought to a ring, wedding, husband, etc. Now I'm obsessed with (And so is Jesse!)

If you'd like explanations, there is a comments section to inquire. I've been released from this meme curse.


  1. I stumbled across your blog through my vague internet acquaintance with Erica on venues such as Buzznet and the good ol' Space, but anyway, enough with the awkward intro...

    RE: FOUR
    A friend and I were also into Kevin Spacey in high school and would see all of his movies, so we decided to make it a goal in life to meet him (and somewhere along the way giving him flowers was added to that goal). So last year (yes, some 5 or 6 years later) we saw him in A Moon for the Misbegotten on Broadway and before the show we brought flowers and a note to the guy at the stage door asking if he could give them to Mr. Spacey. We presume he got them, but we never asked while getting his autograph after the show because we were too nervous/there were a ton of people waiting to meet him too.

    Anyway, I was just amused by your similar story.

  2. My friend in college (who went to a different college) went to see the premiere of some Kevin Spacey movie and brought along a book of dirty lymricks and during the question and answer section asked him if he liked lymricks and rushed the stage and bypassed the security guards and was like, "So...Kev - will you read a lymrick?" and he read one.

    a week later on Conan O'Brian or something there was an expose on how a Spacey stalker rushed the stage and showed the clip of him reading the lymrick.

  3. i actually thought that we were going to get through a Parker blog post with out a barf fest..

    way to go number 6, way to go..

  4. haha! Thank you for humoring me. Like I said, I'm not a huge fan of them either, but sometimes its nice to read about your peeps. Like since I never see you I had no idea you had an arm spazzy thing. I would have missed out.
    I totally remember your Kevin Spacey obsession as I had one as well.

  5. Best part of this entry: "NO. YOU LURK ME" hhaha

    Also, not sure if we can be friends anymore if you like the Rock. That's just weird.

  6. Alice - that's awesome! I, too, went to see Moon for the Misbegotten last year. (Hello, another O'Neill play, and at the very same theater TIC was at!) Welcome to le blog.

    Becca - totally know what you're talking about. (I'm up on all KS appearances) It was the premiere of The Life of David Gale, where his character tells dirty limericks at a party. My obsession has waned, but it has not left me.

    Erica - fuck off.

    Lyndsey - no problemo. :) And, chyeah, I remember our convos about ol' KS.

    Dex - Um, you crush homeless people, I get to like (not even CRUSH) The Rock. HAHA

  7. I like "bang it out." I may steal this and not give you credit.


  8. what does "bang it out" actually mean? also, it's been bugging me that i don't know what a meme is either. i thought maybe because it's stuff about us it's actually like "me-me" if you know what i mean. The only reason i even think that is because i bought my now-ex a money monster bank thing for valentines day and it was called "Meme" also. But pronounced it "me-me"!

  9. chris - go ahead. i stole it from an old colleague a couple of years ago and haven't stopped using it since. in person, i tend to also couple it with a small fist-punch movement (like in "when harry met sally" - "did we ever...[small fist-punch]")

    pippi - "bang it out" mainly refers to doing the dirty. but i've expanded it's use to also, finishing something or getting something done. YEAH! Haha, memes are weird.

  10. WAIT?! So you know about how Britney did that? She made him sign the book (PS, she did not know about that part in the movie before she brought it along).