Thursday, March 20, 2008

Haha, funny story, no really...

I wake up every morning at seven am to get ready for work. I was walking down my stairs this morning a bit groggy, and I tripped on the last four stairs, bumping down the rest of the way to crumple into a ball at the bottom of them. Jesse came racing downstairs, of course. He inspected me, gave me a big hug, told me that I gave him "quite a fright." I have welts that will surely turn into bruises on both my arms, and the back of my leg; one of my toe nails is all cracked and broken and an ankle and wrist hurt a bit when I move them. I also have a dull pain on my lower back - another possible bruise.

Jesse gets to take my stair-battered self home to Mom and Dad this weekend!

"No really, Dad, I fell down the stairs..."


  1. Owwwwwww! No good, no good! Did you have the wind knocked out of you? That's the worst feeling ever. Good thing is you didn't break anything, aside from the toenail.

    Accidents happen. I'm sure Mom and Dad will be sympathetic. Feel better!

  2. "No, really, Dad, I fell down the stairs." HAHAHAHA. Oh man, I've had moments like that. I get really weird bruises all the time and totally blame it on the beau... aka the biggest pacifist I've ever met. (He's rarely amused.)

  3. errrr have you already run out of engagement stories?!?! hahaha!

    bummer about the fall, I think you might be the only person I know who can compete with me at all in the klutz department.. I think I am winning these days though HA!

    Happy (almost) Friday/Easter!

  4. people really still say "quite a fright?"

  5. Ouch! I hope you're not too bruised up. I definitely feel it usually the next day. I hope you don't!

    P.S. I'm blog rolling you :)

  6. callmekp - thanks!

    renee - HAHAHA! we're so mean to our nice boys. :) constantly making them the villains of lifetime movies out of our own klutziness...

    chris - haha, yes, and this is why i quoted it here. i think it's cute.

    jamie - one of my coworkers pointed to another area of my skin on my arm and goes, "that's already bruising." i was like, "uh, i wasn't hurt there." so maybe my skin's natural hue is "bruised." EFF WINTER PALENESS.

  7. sabrina - how'd I forget you? - i suppose i have more engagement stories, including this weekend with the parents, and maybe i can get jesse to write something out. HA. happy easter to you too lady :)

  8. PS Jamie Lovely - I'm going to add you to my blog roll as well! xo