Wednesday, March 12, 2008

(Not so) Groucho.

Jesse and I last night (I am obviously in a post-dancing haze! Oof.)

Now that I've (hopefully) struck your curiosity with that photo, let me explain yesterday. After work I headed to Union Square to find a dress for this weekend, but H&M and a few other stores did not produce anything I liked. I did find some brightly colored tights in Express (a store I used to work at, and I loathe it to my core). Then I decided my last option was Forever 21. But I found two dresses - that sequined little thing from last night and another one perfect for my date this weekend with Jesse. F21 = $40 of my love to you.

Jesse met me for some Chipotle burritos and we headed home to play pre-party poker with Sean and James. I dominated most of the game, but lost to Jesse in the end. Queens are my besties.

Sean and I headed to the bar, with Jesse straggling because his appearance was to be a surprise.

The reason Jesse is in disguise: last year he made a bet with his friend Neil that he would not enter this bar, Angels & Kings for a year. If Jesse kept to his promise, Neil would pay for roundtrip tickets to Amsterdam, and if he broke it, Jesse would have to pay for them. Well, last night was Kells' birthday and it's the bar where Erica has her weekly party, Trainwreck Tuesday, that she (and Rob Hitt) DJ. So, he came in disguise. Ha.

Sidenote - the photographer that took the pictures last night (besides Jiscilla, who plans to have her pictures up soon!) describes AK: "If the Warped Tour was a bar in New York Angels & Kings would be that bar." That made me laugh, mainly because it's true.

I had SO much fun last night; I saw a lot of friends and we danced into the morning. Seeing Erica's face when she realized Jesse was there was PRICELESS - I wish I had a picture. I liked having him there, and having somebody walk me home. It felt as it should be.

And no hangover! Jesse and I are meeting up with my college friend Rick tonight for dinner, as he's in New York for an interview today. I'm excited! Then it's couch time for me.


  1. wow, the look on his face the eyes, too funny. i also love that you look gorgeous and oblivious that he is wearing a mr.potatoe head nose, moustache and glasses.

  2. haha, he looks confused, and you look normal, like nothing is amiss

    you guys are too funny :)

  3. i don't think i'm cool enough to hang out at angels & kings.

  4. Chele - Jesse is a nut. Haha, and thank you :)

    Sabrina - we're weirdos!

    Chirs - Trust me, nobody at AK is cool. Including me.

  5. jesse just needs an enormously large cigar for comedic effect or a rubber chicken.