Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let me keep on lovin' you.

Tonight will be lowkey. All I have planned is LOST. What ELSE happens on Thursday nights? Nothing.

This weekend is another story. I can't even contain myself. I'm brimming with excitement! Because Jesse missed both Valentine's Day and our one year anniversary due to overseas touring, we decided to celebrate this weekend.

Plans include: two nights in a Manhattan hotel fit with indoor pool (!!!), a Friday night date at Lil' Frankie's where we had our first date, staying up til all hours, sleeping in til all hours, foodz at hidden burger place, brunch at the best breakfast place in town (supposedly), perhaps a movie, the musical Spring Awakening on Broadway, and lots and lots of barftime that I won't go into detail about here.

I've been so tired the past few days, and the work days do not go by fast enough. I can't wait for an entire quiet and relaxing weekend with my favourite.

In other news, Jiscilla posted her pictures from Tuesday night:

My friends rule.


  1. aww enjoy your romantic weekend.
    Love the pics, me think you so pretty. I also love your sequins dress, I love sequins

  2. the weekend sounds like it'll be amazing! have fun :)

  3. Nooo!!!Jin can't die! Wait, if he's dead,then is he considered one of the Oceanic 6? If they had his body then he must not have died on the island...(scratching my head) Oh, how the questions burn in my brain!

    Have a fabulous weekend! It sounds killer.

  4. Chele - thank you! I enjoyed dressing it up with sequins, too.

    Michelle - thanks!

    Lyndsey - I was in tears last night regarding this episode. But I don't think Jin is dead. I think he had to be "left behind" or whatever, and it's a fakey grave - I'm guessing all the survivors who aren't the Oceanic Six are still alive on the island, but the Six can't communicate with them, talk to them, or rescue them, which is part of the deal of actually gettin off the island in the first place (Sun HAD to leave Jin behind if she was going to carry to term and not die, essentially). Just my theory!!

    Emily - whatevs, Miami vacay!!

  5. Ugh! I did not even think of that! You're brill. I'm sure you're right.

  6. jesse's ak disguise is hilarious. have an AMAZING weekend, you two deserve it and I miss you both :)