Saturday, March 29, 2008

Modern versh of Macbeth...

We're sitting in the Lyceum Theater for a first-showing preview of Macbeth starring Patrick Stewart. It opens in a couple of weeks.

Fun fact: Shakespeare invented the name Jessica.

Fun fact 2: Richard III is my favorite Shakespeare play.

-- via hip literal literary nerd top


  1. That sounds badass. I was in MacBeth a couple years ago. It's so creeptastic and wonderful.

  2. Ever since I saw that episode of EXTRAS where Patrick Stewart talks about his new movie project, I have since then not been able to take him seriously. That episode was too funny, loved it.

  3. Just went to a Trek con in NJ and got a pretty funny video of Patrick Stewart and Data kidding with each other and they mention MacBeth
    MacBeth + Stewart = Good stuff, Wow!

  4. renee - it was so creepy! so much blood! it was a modern version, which i didn't expect, but wonderfully done.

    chele - i LOVE extras and loved him on it!!! so great.

    anon - great stuff!