Sunday, March 9, 2008


Ah, the weekend. Finally. My parents came to visit on Saturday, so Friday was spent cleaning!

Sidenote: Jesse is still severely jet-lagged, so his sleep patterns are erratic. He'll be up at 4 am and nap in the afternoon.

Anyway, my parents came to visit this weekend because back at Christmas my present was for their 26-year anniversary, which was this week. I got them a night at the W in Manhattan and tickets to see Spam-a-Lot on Broadway. Also, this would be the first time they would see Jesse and I together in the the room we now share. We had some nerves beforehand, but all for naught, as the only time it was brought up was my mother: "Are you happy?" Me: "Yes, so very happy, Mom." Mom: "Then I'm happy."


They LOVED the apartment with walls, she loved my iShuffle birthday present, and they loved my new macbook pro. We demonstrated video chat and even took some family portraits:

I guess that's my family portrait face. Whatever.

After dropping them off for their evening of fun, Jesse and I prepped for POKER NIGHT hosted by us. Sean, James, Adam, Jaime, and Andrew brought their game. I did not. Ha. It was totes fun, though I lost, but they were up til 5 am in drunken glory.

My parents loved the Clay-Aiken-starring play so much, my mother called me after a glass of wine post-show and exalted my excellent choice and then asked where in the city they could get tiramisu, because that's all she wanted. My dad picked up the phone and as he was saying thank you, all I could hear was my mom in the background, "tiramisu! tiramisu!" HAHAHA

The next morning we met them for brunch, and Erica, Kelly, and Jiscilla joined. My mom finally got her tiramisu. It was a lovely brunch, and a lovely weekend.

And I am so very, very happy.


  1. Aw, that picture made me miss the family, so MUCH and also miss my sundays....I work every mother fucking SUNDAY and whats my favorite day? Oh? Sunday. I love brunch, and the pace and....BRUNCH. I need ot take some time off.

  2. Sunday brunches are glorious; take at least one Sunday off a month!! Worth it.