Sunday, March 9, 2008

One Step Away.

Dear Jessica,

I know you want the four uno uno on Parker Posey and I. I don't think I should tell you, bro. Like, if we're broken up now here a couple years in the future or still together - again, info I can't let you know. But I can tell you that she has a very nice bottom. Oh, and she says lots of words that I don't get, but it's kinda cute. We were set up together on a blind date, and when she saw me sitting there with a single rose, I think she said, "Are you serious?" - but then she laughed cuz it was a funny joke!!! Right?

N-E-WAY, that's all I have to say about that.



PS I finally got emails down, how do you use google?


  1. Oh my goodness, I knew nothing about this!!! :0

  2. Obviously this "email" is a joke (a la The Lake House - click on tag "regards keanu" for further emails) but, yes, Parker & Keanu were seen necking in LA!!!

  3. I hate to reveal myself and confess to lurking (sort of, yay for the anonymous option!), but I just have to say that your recurring Keanu feature is ridiculously awesome. You could have an entire blog dedicated to that and I would read it every day. Major props, love it!

  4. Anonymous! Where hath you come from? Everybody lurks - come out of the shadows, you'll not be punished (why would you? ha). You've struck my curiousity.

    Thank you for enjoying my recurring Keanu feature, it's the least I could do to honor the man, the myth, the Dude. Maybe one day, as per your suggestion, I'll do more.

  5. 19/F/RI

    Lolz. I did an a/s/l. There, I am out of the shadows! Your blog just happens to be linked on Pretty John Are I's, and he has zero updates (like me) so I have to lurk elsewhere. :O

    Oh and we share the same name. We rule.

  6. Hellooooo, Jessica! Pleased to internet-meet-you! Glad you enjoy the Keanu. If you ever get a blog, I will lurk you in return. :)

  7. there is no way keanu will ever learn how to use google.