Saturday, April 12, 2008

All was golden when the day met the night.

Yay! It's the weekend!

Yesterday at work my boss let me leave early, but i had plans for dinner & a movie with the girls, so I ended up traversing most of Manhattan between 60th Street and 14th. I decided to cross the island on 52nd Street because I remembered Ryan Adams said it was rad, and I didn't really get it, but then I happened upon an extravagant window display for a wedding dress designer - in fact, I think they just opened the store that day, as it was from Italy and all these Italian dudes were standing in front of the display, still arranging it. Coincidence? I don't know.

After touring Erica's new workplace and thanking the Wendy's gods that decided to slip extra jr. bacon cheeseburger into my bag, Erica and I met up with Gaby and Kelly to see Smart People. It was good, but nothing special. Then we wanted margaritas, so we went to this place around the corner from the Angelika called "Senor Swanky's" and it was the worst Mexican food experience we've all ever had. Honestly, the margaritas tasted like SOAP. Then the quesadillas came out. It was basically slices of American cheese with ketchup. Gross. We're laughing it up, though, because it describes itself as a "celebrity hangout" (seriously, it's on the menu) and there's autographed pictures of Dan Akroyd and Whitney Houston and others on the wall. Then Gaby points out that all the signatures are the same handwriting. HA. Honestly, we're having a lot of fun. And then the bill comes. $75?! Wow. We did not leave a big tip.

So we needed to get the soap margarita taste out of our mouth (they didn't give us water) and we went to another Mexican place that also failed because they had no seating and their bar was a floor above and it had a five dollar cover. WHAT? We went to our Italian pizza standby and got lemon-vodka milkshake things. But they weren't up to par. Seriously? What's with today today?

Luckily I returned home to videochat! For like two hours. Ah, this post almost escaped any mention of barftime, but you're getting it. The great part is that during our conversation Panic was playing on stage and I was like, "Wait, what's that song?!" because it was kind of hard for me to hear, and then Jesse started singing it and I was like passss deee chevaaaaaalll. Yes! Also, in six days I get to see him in Texas and I'm SO excited. I made a gif! But then blogger wouldn't let me upload it, so you can see it here and BARF!

Later, Erica and I are going to thrift stores looking for prom dresses. Explanation to come later.


  1. they put ketchup on quesadillas???

    where in texas are you gonna be??? if you come to austin we HAVE to hang out, and i won't take no for answer. unless you say no. ;) lol

  2. Nothing's worse than a night out with shitty drinks. Except for a night out with no drinks.

    Yeah, I'm a lush.

  3. do want more gifs

    do NOT want more soap

  4. can't bad food just ruin an evening.
    totes linking your blog it's my fav lurk.
    And guess who joined the ring bling club on Friday! Yay! Long engagement tho. My ring still hasn't got anything on yours.

  5. Wow, that is disgusting. While reading, my stomach started churning. My deepest condolences to you and your buds for being subjected to such filth.

  6. amanda - i'm going to be in dallas, austin, and houston each for a day. i'm not sure how much time i'll have, considering i'm going to be hanging with jesse and i just have three days with him!

    renee - don't worry, i'm a lush too.

    becca - it was meant to be. scared?

    jiscilla - yay! i have a gifs fan!! will totes make more at some point. scarier ones. maybe with zebras?

    toni-marie - congratulations!

    lyndsey - thank you. worst. drinks. ever.