Sunday, April 13, 2008

Random pictures.

Jesse keeps me updated via his iPhone. Justin (MCS lead singer) doing an acoustic in-store in San Diego yesterday.

Oh hai. (Fanx for the share, Dags)

Kells, Jiscilla, fakey engagement ring.

Dags, unamused.

Brooklyn thrift-store windows give me such great wedding inspiration. For the bridesmaids, yes?

We always leave the video chats happy :)

I had more pics with my girlfriends in them, but my sidekick is being stupid and it's literally been two hours trying to get it to send to me. I'll edit later with those. UPDATED!


  1. ohhhh your video chats always look like so much fun!

  2. wait - is Jesse hanging out with Clooney?

  3. uh, where's the update!?!?!

    hahaha, i think you are seriously the only person that looks at my blog! :)

  4. sabrina - and oh, how fun they are :)

    chris - totally. false. just a pic from the internet. but man, if he did, we'd have some talking to do. mainly involving the word "three."

    sean - totes updated. also, your mix (i refuse to say "mux") rocks! i'm on the last song right now and i'm probably going to listen again. also, will be needing some music from the gaslight anthem songs.

  5. Ha video chats are indeed amazing.
    More people need Mac's.
    And Clooney looks hot there.

  6. kristen - i'm a completely converted apple addict now. i blame dags & jesse. and, yes, clooney looks hot there. pretty much everywhere. whatevs. ;)

  7. i'll bring you their album and EP tomorrow night, prepare to get wayyyyyy into it!

  8. jesse should do a series of photos of him reinterpreting the George Clooney photos you post. Call it uh, George by Jesse. And is that a Indian Headress feather bonnet? Ha!

  9. I am too! I bought my first Mac laptop about a year ago for personal use and it is my baby. Just a few months ago the company I worked for was acquired by a larger company and they gasped at the fact that I was using a PC at work and bought me a MacBook -identical to the one I bought. So I have twin MacBooks now.

  10. oh how happy your tags make me

  11. jiscilla - the tags are the most important part of the post! hahahahaha