Monday, April 14, 2008

Sugar, spell it out.

That's where I'll be tonight! This is Ivy League puts on a great show, and I'm stoked.

In other news, I had a horrible dream last night. It played out like a fairy tale or a fable, where all these atrocities were being committed against blind people, but then the moral of the story came about when all the blind people got revenge. I was horrified because is this an indicator that I am, in fact, going blind??? Hopefully not. My eyes are feeling great...though I'm still waiting to put my contacts back in.

Also, people finally started making muxtapes! Today I've been rocking out to the great mixes by Aileen & Sean. They quite rule my face.


  1. consider your muxtape favorited!

    I wish I could have several different muxtapes at once... oh well. Can't be greedy - it's a great idea.

  2. I like the constriction of only having one playlist available at a time! :) Totally listening to your muxtape for the next hour of work I have to do (or not do...whatever).

  3. I have heard about muxtape forever and have yet to check it out. I'm far too obsessed with Etsy at the moment to stray I guess.

    I will make it my job to check it out tomorrow!

  4. Jamie - totally check it out. I'm so interested in listening to what other people listen to. I have this weird mindset of having to experience things through other people's perspectives, and I think this is another form of that. Share share share your mix! :)

    And OMG Etsy. Totes obsessed.

  5. weren't they just Ivy League? haha, why the name switch?

  6. michelle - apparently there's already a band named ivy league, so they had to change their name. they still rock :)