Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And I'm back!

So my plans changed on Sunday. My flight was so delayed into Newark, that leaving the following day was a better choice (rather than traipse from NJ to BK at 1 in the morning). That, and, Jesse at first jokingly texted me about coming back after I left for the airpot. Then, as the situation worsened, he got serious. I had to agree that the three days felt so short...haha. So we were able to book a flight for Monday (yesterday) and I got to spend another day with him.

Motion City's day off was spent in Pensacola, Florida and we were expecting all sorts of fun when we heard about "Fun City," an amusement and water park. However, most of the dilapidated park was closed and so Joyce, Tony, Jesse and I just played skee ball (named "Ice Ball" here) at the Fun City arcade. As you can see, we had some thumbs-up fun.

My flight last night went fine, and today I'm just trying to play catch up at work & via the internets. My mood is decidedly subdued, but that's just me coming off the high of being around him for the past four days.

Plus, my mother is coming to visit this weekend and I have to clean and complete a checklist of errands before she descends upon my abode. Must hide everything critique-able. In all honesty, I really am looking forward to her visit and all that we have planned. :)


  1. July 1-7 in the NYC. Be there or be square (cause I'm sleeping on your couch!).

  2. I get sooo stressed out about most things involving my mother and applaud/am jealous of your positivity!

  3. welcome back! Been enjoying all your pics from the tour...man I miss my man when I see those photos, I love tour life.

  4. jason - STOKED!

    nicole antoinette - oh, i am stressed. but kinda stoked to legit hang with my mom. we'll see!

    chele - tour life is pretty fun. there are some inconveniences, of course, but going from city to city is fun for the nomad in me.

  5. OOOOOOHHHH mother/daughter time is the best! have a blast!

    i am happy to hear you got a little extra time with your fiance! when's the next visit?

  6. So random...this guy I know in the marines was telling me (via facebook) to go visit him in Pensacola, a place I'd never even heard of before, and then I read that you were there too in the same week! haha

    Anyway glad you had a good time on the wknd :) It'll be nice to see your mother! Hope you two have a blast :)