Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I accidentally pressed enter before finishing.

I Drano-d the crap out of my bathroom sink last night (entire bottle) and I actually heard the clog go "wooooosh!" & now everything drains smoothly. I got really excited about that. Thought I'd share.

Random quote time.

I want to get a stripper that is innapropriate and old (but not too old, just the age where it'll be awkward all around, like 40 or something) but I'm not having any luck so far!! :(:(:(

(from an e-mail to me this morning.)

on that note it is morning still and i have already had a full day. I eat the bones and the guts of my day after the meat is done and then I eat the eyes. I am a day crusher.

(ryan adams via his brilliant blog.)

My brother is getting serious with some girl, and they are coming to visit [redacted] pretty soon. The bitch better step correct, that's all I'm gonna say.

(another email. may or may not be from the same person quoted earlier.)

Also: my fianz...he has secrets. Pay attention.


  1. i wanna guess who comment #1 and #3 are!!!!

  2. hahahahaha well, there goes that anon protection! amber = laugh RIOT.

    and so do the both of you.