Tuesday, April 8, 2008

But melt your headaches, call it home.

My eyes are finally feeling better today. Though I shouldn't really be looking at a computer after work, here I am. I'll shut it down soon. Nothing much else to report but the dialogue of Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett soothing my evenings and the dimmed monitor of my computer making me work during the days. The eye problem was an anomaly added to the normal readjusting of my routine. Not quite there yet.


  1. I'm glad your peepers are doing better. gotta love the darcy/bennett combo for making things feel better no matter what the situation. when you're done with P&P I like to turn to bridget jones 1 and 2 for more colin firth / mr. darcy-ness :)

  2. mr. darcy. mmm. maybe the most delicious man not alive.

  3. mm mr.darcy
    I am going to try out audio books and see id u like the concept, should be good for resting eyes to have audio books

  4. I'm so glad your eyes are feeling better. It was probably from looking at your gorgeous ring too much ;)

  5. Ah, love P&P! Glad your eyes are getting better...I don't know what I'd do if I physically couldn't look at a computer screen for long periods of time!

  6. look at those lips! i wish i had lips like yours haha

  7. i concur with the above, your lips look amazing in that picture. Do Want!
    Glad the eyes are getting better, I'm addicted to my comp I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't use it.

  8. aileen - what a fab idea. i might do that tonight, since i'm done with both the bbc series and the feature film (bbc ftw).

    lindsay - for sure. definitely the BEST male figure ever in a book. EVER. okay, maybe not, but for me, YES.

    chele - audio books are awesome. i used to listen to them a lot on road trips with my family growing up.

    nicole antoinette - omg you're so right!

    jess - thanks! and yes, p&p is a stronghold in my life. ha.

    sabrina & tm - thank you! my latina heritage has many a full lip :)