Wednesday, April 9, 2008


By way of introduction, I've made a pretty upbeat, happy mix. Starts off revving with some Liz Phair, gets folksy in the middle, and ends with some electric vibes. I don't know what I'm saying. CHECK IT OUT. MAKE ONE. LINK IT SO I CAN LISTEN DURING WORK! It's so easy, and I'm interested in streaming what you're listening to.

Also, I couldn't include the Esthero song or a Tiger Lou song because I bought them on iTunes and can't convert to mp3s. Lame. You will recall, of course, some songs I included:

01. Baby Got Going - Liz Phair
02. Last Night - Motion City Soundtrack
oh hai, obsession. also, fianz' band!
03. Up in Arms - Foo Fighters
the first Smile Like I Mean It!
04. Momentum - Aimee Mann
one of my favorite songs EVER
05. Monday Night - Ryan Adams
now you know where the name from my blog comes from
06. Pas De Cheval - Panic at the Disco
I'm way into this song, and surprisingly becoming obsessed with this album
07. Wake the Sun - The Matches
one of the best songs to start off your day with!
08. Castlebound - Monty Are I
not great sound quality, but they deserve some attention
09. My Boyfriend's Back - The Raveonettes
10. Hey Baby Remix - No Doubt (feat. Outkast)
I will be a ND fan for life

Do it! Click the tape! Do like??


  1. Um awesome mix jessica!
    I'm totes going to listen to it tomorrow at work!!

  2. Burn the iTunes files to a cd (as an audio cd), then re-rip that CD into iTunes as mp3s (you can change how it imports in the preferences). That should work for you. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

  3. yessssssss cant wait to listen and make one myself. i've been addicting to itunes this week. maybe this will stop me from spending $100 each week :)

  4. I was thinkin about making a muxtape...however, I might be too lazy. Love the playlist...and um, dare I say, I might be loving the Panic album more and more by the day....DANGIT!

  5. ugh so mad I don't have speakers on my work computer!!! Whenever I need to have a really good run I start out with Castlebound, it always gives me just the boost I need!

    And you know the movie How to lose a Guy n 10 Days?! you totally just reminded me of that journalist in the meeting who talks about all of these terrible things she is writing out and then says "... but surprisingly upbeat!"

    ahhaa do you know what im talking bout?

  6. kristen - fanx! whaddya like?

    jason - totally get it; totally gonna try it! THANK YOU!

    ang - i'm totally reveling in random people's playlists...and totally writing down songs i have to download. oh hai, mission accomplished.

    jiscilla - make one! the panic album is seriously on my ipod EVERY DAY. i only skip #3.

    sabrina - castlebound is so pump-you-up. and LOL @ "surprisingly upbeat." yes, yes, i know what you're talking about.

  7. I can't listen right now. I will listen soon, and then make one - but only for your ears. A private muxtape for you.

    I'm really enthused you don't like the name muxtape.

    I don't like the new Panic! album, and will probably stick to that opinion until 2012.

  8. becca - yay! make me a mix! i really despise "mux."

  9. mux. it kinda sounds dirty doesn't it? like something you wouldn't want your mother to know you were doing.

  10. I like it all! Especially Last Night (def my favorite song on that album next to the title track), Up in Arms (huge huge Foo Fan and Colour and the Shape is in my top 5 fav albums) Momentum (never heard it and now I'm in love), Pas De Cheval (also really into this album) , Wake the Sun (never been a Matches fan and that's not at all what I thought they'd sound like ). I love the Monty Are I song as well. I still call them Monty's Fan Club lol.

    I want to make my own muxtape but I have a tendancy of deleting songs off my library after they're on my pod. When I have time though I'm going to load my favs.

  11. yo - you remember MONTY'S FAN CLUB?!?! oh. SNAP. Hurray!

    Glad you like the mix!!

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Nice job! I will make one soon...

  13. how to convert itunes music to mp3:

    step 1: burn it to an audio cd

    step 2: rip it to mp3 using itunes

    yes, there is some quality degradation. but it works.

  14. I did it. That was fun.

  15. Oh, and I had the mp3 problem as well. I wanted to include Night Diving (Thrice) and If Work Permits (The Format), but they're not mp3's.

  16. Jessica - YAY! I'm going to listen to it right now +already favorited. And I love Ben Folds' "The Luckiest." Jesse put that song at the end of a playlist for me, and I always cry when I hear it. Wah. Barf. :)

  17. Also, I LOVE "If Work Permits" ! :)