Thursday, April 10, 2008

But I'm just a call away.

Oh, Pete and Ashlee, you really stole the barftime thunder today by announcing your engagement. Never fear, I video chatted last night:


Other than that, Erica and I had a delightful evening watching parts of the John Adams miniseries. I totally thought John Hancock was hot because he looked like Justin Theroux and took to calling him "John Hanhott." Then I IMDB'd that dude, and uh, it was Justin Theroux. I'm an idiot. Also, Erica's favorite historical figure is apparently Alexander Hottilton and least-favorite is Aaron Boo. Okay, we're both idiots.

It's glorious out today. Of course, I'm inside, but I'm always in a better mood when the weather is sunshiney (not a word).

I'm clicking on random people's muxtapes and digging! The Gossip have a version of Aaliyah's "Are U That Somebody"? Really? Totally heard it today on a muxtape...and I'm probably going to download it later. Voila! Find new music via muxtape; so into this. None of my friends save Erica & Gurj have made ones though! Lame. Get. To. It.


  1. At least one person gets it! Yay! :) We were spouting about our "crushes" and I slipped out Aaron Boo and we couldn't talk for about five minutes we were laughing so hard. Also, again, sharing far too much.

  2. i'm planning on making one of those things, as soon as i get a nap in...

    everyone is getting engaged! since like february, 4 couples i know have gotten engaged!

  3. I love ichat camera convos, it helped my old relatioship so much when my boy was traveling on tour. Helps to see his face

  4. amanda - woo! make one!

    chele - totally helps to see his face when we're so far apart. the phone can only do so much. yay technology.