Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I know you want to hear me catch my breath.

This picture reminds me of our first kiss. And right now my eyes hurt so much, I need your eyelid kisses.

He always makes me feel better. Never fails.


  1. That photo is amazing. You totally need to have it blown up and framed.

  2. where's the picture to remind me of driving away from the train station saying, "something is totally going to happen with those two tonight."? hehe.

    -el adam

  3. i love me some eyelid kisses.

  4. ang - so adorable. i stumbled upon it because apparently people get engagement pictures to commemorate the moment, and this was on a wedding photographer's website. no ways am i hiring somebody to take a picture of jesse and i...we have too many. so, yeah. what?

    toni-marie - i would, but it'd be kind of weird since it's not technically jesse and i. don't need no bald dude in my place!

    adam - HAHAHAHA! there should be a picture of that :) you called it!

    renee - eyelid kisses are the best :)