Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Changed my whole life to make some room.

Smiling Like I Mean It
[songs that make me smile no matter what.]

6. "Everyday is a Holiday" - Esthero featuring Sean Lennon. This song puts me in such a good mood whenever it comes on! It's got "la da das" and horns and when I'm walking down the street I want to break out in song like I'm in a music video. It's such a great walking-in-the-city song because there are lyrics like, "hopped on the metro, and I'm on my way home, but I can't get him out of my mind." Which (obviously!) reminds me of Jesse, WHICH may or may not have made me include it on my last mixtape (playlist, whatever) to him.


Sidenote: I've decided to make one of those muxtape things I'm hearing so much about, and I'll be linking it here soon! It's just a playlist you can listen to over the computer without downloading or anything - it's pretty brilliant, in my opinion. It even works on my work computer, which never plays anything on youtube or song-wise because of the company firewalls. Check out Erica's HERE! And if you have one, let me listen to it :D

Okay, in two last snippets of music news:

1. My dad e-mailed me this morning because he heard the New Kids on the Block were going to perform on the Today show Friday. My obsession as a kid was pretty fierce. Not gonna lie. Even my dad remembers!

2. Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville is being re-released on ATO Records, slash Dave Matthews label. Also, she's now signed to the label and her next album is due in the fall. Mr. Matthews, I don't loathe you so much as your fans (no offense), but well done, well done. I didn't much like Liz's last fare into recording, but damned if I don't listen to whitechocolatespaceegg at least once a month. Fingers crossed.


  1. Totally not going to lie. Little bit excited about New Kids. I'm sure the reunion will be silly but it gives me a chance to play their greatest hits lol

  2. This reminds me to follow up on my muxtape, I signed up but never got around to do anything. Will send you a link once it is done.

  3. oh hey, gets who distributes for ATO.


    thanks for linking my muxtape.
    thanks for ruling at my life.

    ps: robots?

  4. another sliver of free time down the tubes. i'll let you know when mine is up...

  5. ooooh i never heard of muxtape! you know ima be all about it!

  6. kristen - step by step...oooh baby!

    chele - i'm working on mine! can't wait to hear yours!

    dagger - future music mogul. peeps will dig your muxtape for sure. until mine comes along, obvs.

    jason - yeah!!!! muxtapes galore!!!!

    beth - STOKED!

  7. Ah Jessica how I miss your clever word play, "Liz's last fare" made me smile.

  8. Rick - YAY! Stoked you get it. STOKED!!! Srsly.