Thursday, April 17, 2008

Put on a slow show for you, crack you up.

Tomorrow I'm flying out to TEXAS. I've never been to Texas. I've been through Texas. I fly into Dallas tomorrow, meet up with Jesse & le tour, then we're spending Saturday in Austin, and then I fly out of Houston on Sunday. The most exciting part is that I get to see Jesse, of course. It's only been two weeks, but, well, you know me (us) by now. I'm excited to see friends on the tour as well, and to experience a bit of Texas. Plus, it will be 86 degrees! Though, it's supposed to be in the 70s in New York this weekend - whatever.

I google image searched pretty much the only thing I know about Texas (and don't wince at)...SXSW. The only other thing would be Austin City Limits. But, uh, my virgin mind plans on discovering more! And reporting back to a certain friend...

Yesterday Jesse was stranded in Tulsa, as their bus is still missing in action, and we had a couple of hours of video chatting. (No screencaps for you, though I can hear you breathe that sigh of relief). It's good to know that we can still talk for hours on end, and that I can tell him things that I've never told anyone - whether they be secrets or ideas floating in my head. I've never been so uncensored with anyone. It feels great.

Psst. I have a plan. And so does he. We make a damn good team.


  1. Have a great time in Texas!

    It's awesome that you have that kind of relationship :)

  2. HAHA, wow. Texas is actually pretty awesome...and once you've lived in Austin for a while, you learn to take your vacation on SXSW and ACL week. Mostly because no out-of-towner ever knows their way around, but they all think they do since they rode through Austin with their parents 6 years ago. All the best bands come back other times during the year anyway!

    As far as EXPERIENCING Austin...the only advice I have, is hit up Baby's A's...ask for a purple 'rita. (trust me, there's a reason they limit you to two...)

  3. oh, PS, you got lucky with the weather, we're having a cool's been in the 90s recently.

  4. urg sooosososo bummed that i cant meet you down there!!!!

    pen to paper, my friend, pen. to. paper.

    see you tonight :)

  5. austin is the absolute best part of texas! and despite what you may hear, sxsw is pretty unreal. i swear it! ;]

  6. aw, that's so sweet (the uncensored thing between you two). hope you have a great time in texas! i've never even been through it...:)

  7. I just flying in on tours, used to date someone who plays music as well. I love tour busses