Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Too much kahf!+eeeene!

I told you all about my blind people dream a couple of days ago. I should also tell you that I'm really weird/cautious about dreams. I've had dreams with people I don't know in them - and then years later, I meet those people in real life. This has happened a few times. It creeps me out. I get deja vu a lot, as well. And then I saw THIS ARTICLE. Headline: Blind Man Killed Fiancee for Not Wearing Engagement Ring.

Things on my mind lately: blind people exacting revenge, my recent engagement.

WOAH. But funny. But still. WOAH. (Who am I, Joey Lawrence?) I'd say this was another case of kavorka, a concept Christy explained to me about coincidences of the same things reoccuring in our lives once it's introduced, but I googled the word and apparently it's just a male attractiveness thing that was brought up in an episode of Seinfeld (which, really, is another incident of my previous definition of kavorka, given Jesse's penchant for what he deems The Best TV Show Ever).

Moving on before my head explodes...Happy Birthday to RICK!!! Coincidentally (oy with the poodles already!), Rick is my go-to music guru and he just made an awesome muxtape that I've been listening to on repeat today.

My new favorite LOLcat expreshun (haha) is "I had a sad." This is important news! I would have incorporated it seamlessly into a paragraph, but I didn't has a sad! Aka good day.

Also, today is a good day because I get a free lunch. Yes! And there is a salad with pears and walnuts in it and this makes me happy + the freeness. Okay, had two cups of coffee this morning. Must calm down.

I'll end with a picture of a hilarious wedding invitation:

Don't worry, nobody will be getting that invite. ;)


  1. gilmore girls sounds like a good idea. it's all overcast today, and i'm drinking hot chocolate and wishing for something better than tyra, haha.

    btw, omgCRAZYblindDUDE!

  2. hahah you should totally send out invites like that!

  3. The title of that article literally made me Laugh Out Loud. Silly. Psycho.

  4. I have had the dream thing before too! not to be creepy or whatever, but after my mom passed away I sometimes have dreams about really good or really bad things happening.. which then happened like 2 days later. i.e. my aunt (in italia) passing away, meeting PhillyBoy, being broken up with, my jordanian grandmother passing away, having my dad announce he had a gf.. and the list goes on. crazy.

  5. Seinfeld is the best TV show ever. You'll learn.

  6. That is awesome, I think I should show my mother that invite for her wedding.

  7. i guess i felt like oversharing yest.. TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. amanda - gilmore = LOVE

    jamie - sadly, i think there's only one person i would send this too. okay, maybe two. ;)

    kristen - you laugh, i get paranoid. the universe is out for me...

    sabrina - def not an overshare! the subconscious freaks me out.

    james - oh! lookey who got a blog! and uh, only jesse has the power to change my mind about seinfeld, fancy that.

    toni-marie - ha