Monday, May 12, 2008

Best weekend.

Gah, if you couldn't tell from the pictures, I had a fabulous weekend. The ridiculousness of getting to Philadelphia on Friday evening was soon assuaged by the greeting arms of Jesse, who hugged me away from the freezing rain and wind and kissed my forehead to banish all my worries and headaches. We had only said bye to each other that morning, but were positively missing each other something horrible in the hours between reuniting.

The show, the fun, the people, the music, the video games, the cookies, the bus, etc., etc., etc. These are the things that make it all so great. On Saturday, Erica and Lauren joined us in Connecticut and we went to some restaurant called Mexican 2000 and while it was not particularly good Mexican food, the margaritas did their tricks. The merriment continued into the show, while us three girls bopped around in the crowd to all the songs, and came back to the dressing room sweating as though we had just played the show, too. I hope I'm never too old to shake my hips and bop my head to some good live music; interestingly, Erica and I saw two graying and perm-haired women with beers in their hands, jumping around and singing along. That, my friends, will be us, too.

The backstage shennanigans that night included a serious discussion of Lauren's age in relativity to the rest of us, Ryan Ross telling Lauren he had plans about bubbles, all of us rushing into Panic's dressing room to raid the Taco Bell, Jon Walker acting very interested in what we were choosing even though the selection included only soft tacos, and laughing contests. I can't even explain any of that.

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to Jesse at the end of the night. It was particularly not fun because I'm not sure whether I'll be able to see him in a couple of weeks - or in a month. BOO. This long distance thing was never fun, but it's bearable when you know someone's nerdily missing you as hard as you are them. Today he's in Canada. BOO.

The good news is that even though I didn't get to spend Sunday with Jesse or with Mom (I'm not quite sure if she forgives me for that...), I did spend it with Lauren and Erica, and it began with chocolate-chip pancakes. After eating while basking in the sun we decided to...continue basking in the sun. And gossip - oh dear, the goss. We may have even gotten our first bite of actual summer. Then we ate burgers that were delicious and Erica and I had to bid adieu to our young (and quite amazing) friend. I crashed on the couch and caught up with all of last week's television. O, Sunday, I love thee.

Today's been crazy, and this week is just FULL already - tonight I see one of my favorite acts for the first time live, Tegan & Sara! I'm especially stoked because though I love their previous albums, last year's The Con may be ranked in my favorite albums of all time. I'm also going with three dude friends, so that's pretty awesome. Tomorrow night is TRAINWRECK PROM!! How can you miss out on that? And errands, yadda yadda yadda, the FIRST PART OF THE LOST FINALE (oh the important things...) and then it's my roommate Rachel's birthday pahty on Saturday. SO. Many, many things. I haven't even had time to contemplate wedding stuff, overdue doctor's appointments, or the fact that George Clooney loves Rock of Love and he sends text messages.

And!! Congrats to Emily&Evan for gettin' engaged over the weekend!

AND!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURJ BURGER! Get back to le States e'soon.

In finale, I found these photos of an afternoon waiting to get in at Red Bamboo when Colleen was here :)

happy poo faces.

sleepy poo face.

lauren ashley does not like your technology poo...face.


  1. hey girl, I hope you get to cone back out soon!
    if a girl named lindsey is selling merch for tegan and sarah, give her my hello. She is rad

  2. I can't wait to hear about Tegan and Sara!

  3. Aw, T&S are so crazy cool live! They have some of the best stage banter ever. Enjoy!

  4. yeah, its like midnight, im lurking your blog.

    show tonight was AMAZING.

  5. beth - i'm coming out may 30 in st. louis now! and i didn't have time to say hello to the merch area, it was packed.

    michelle - their banter IS amazing!