Friday, May 9, 2008

She's into math and magazines.

This has to be the longest week ever. I'd show you how utterly ecstatic I am that it's Friday, but that would require energy I simply do not have.

Work has been pretty rough this week, but Jesse came by yesterday to take me to lunch. Definitely helped break up the monotony. After work we met with our friends at Mars 2112, which is a space-themed restaurant near Roseland. I did not order anything once we sat down. We had to take a "ride" to get to "Mars." Seriously, I don't think I can even explain how weirded out I was by this place. It was fun, sure, that's what happens when you're surrounded by the good people, but the floors were sticky and the food was overpriced. We had to hurry once we finally got seated (that ride took five minutes + the waiting). Adam DID show up in a freakin' orange NASA jumpsuit. Completely amazing.

At the show, the girls and I rocked out to another MCS set and then hung out backstage while they packed up. We went to a bar down the street with le friends, and it was pretty fun no matter how tired we were. Jesse and I battled it out in darts (I managed not to accidently stab anyone, though my first attempt was close - sorry dude in bathroom line). When I ordered a round of drinks at the bar, I got simultaneously hit on by the dudes on either side of me: drunk frat boy ("You're so beautiful, God. I'm sorry.") and a Southern gentleman with graying hair ("Your friend there in the spacesuit, he ever been to Space Camp? Har har, what's your name, darlin'?"). When my drinks came and I held them up, showcasing the blinding star on my left hand, I got polite smiles and moved on.

Erica and I rocked it out to "Poison," and Jesse and I had some pretty great dance moves. Our Photohunt marathon with Joyce went pretty well; we came in second overall. YES. And then we got a cab and passed out.

And now here I am. At work. Exhausted. But at five o'clock I'm off to Penn Station to take a train to Philadelphia to see another night of the Honda Civic Tour. I don't get bored though, I don't care, cause he's there. Of course. I'm really excited for tonight though because tomorrow is SATURDAY. SLEEPING IN. And tomorrow I'll be in Connecticut joined by my favourite little Lauren and Erica. :D

Since it's Friday I leave you with these pictures, because I check this blog called The Daily Coyote whenever I need to go "AW" or "OMG CUTED OUT" -

Yeah, that's a coyote and a cat hanging out, BFFing. OMG CUTED OUT.


  1. damn! a NASA suit! fuck i can't believe i missed that!

    it's too bad I couldnt make it out in time last night, i is sad.

  2. I would think those coyote pictures were adorable if I didn't see two coyotes in front of my house last night, pacing near my car so I had to sit and wait to go in my house. No fun. Those pictures are misleading ;)

  3. I'm almost jealous that you got hit on by rhett butler. but not quite. ;)

    those pictures are ADORABLE!

  4. Whenever you need another "AW" I highly recommend That is where I turn to to get cuted out.

  5. I LOVELOVELOVE the Daily Coyote. So freaking cute. I'm also a big fan of the Daily Puppy and Cute Overload.

    Way too much cute.

  6. sean - we've been over this. you missed OUT.

    sandy - oh noes!

    amanda jo - i assure you, rhett butler he was not. :)

    jessica - totes suscribe to cuteoverload already. i'm a squealer.

    jamie - the daily coyote is so adorable because not only is it a coyote but there's also a CAT!!! ha