Thursday, May 8, 2008

Be cool, soda pop.

I met up with Jesse after work, and after he had a particularly stressful day. We tend to balance each other out, though, and we happily got some yum yum thai dinner and headed back to the venue for the show. I met up the fun people on the mezzanine and we danced the whole time.

Katie Brown, Sean, Erica, and I spent a good portion flipping out about the Veronica Mars cruise, too. We're gonna go. Especially if Logan's on board.

Tony, via Beth's Flickr cause I already posted all my pics :) Get a load of those glasses. They all got them for a quick photoshoot yesterday. And because they all wanna be Kanye.

Saw a lot of friends backstage...or, you know, the people that come out of the woodwork when MCS is back in town. A bunch of those Crush kids...I met Alex Greenwald & his ladyfriend, who were supremely supremely nice (perhaps because I showed them where the beer was?)...and Pete & Ashlee were there and Jesse told Pete that he'd proposed and when he told me this story I was like, "Did you tell him congratulations back? Since they're engaged?" "No..." Oops. The afterparty was at AK, obvs, but we didn't feel like travelling crosstown and instead headed with our "entourage" (hahaha) to the Hawaiian Tropic Zone/bar thing in Times Square. Yeah. It was mega-fun, though, and the drinks were tasty while the talk was lively.

Oh, and the leis and bikinis - whatever. Then it was time to retire, though I was in a bit of a funk, but all turned out fine before sleep. [knock, knock, knock]

Tonight is another night of the Honda Civic Tour @ Roseland, and I'm stoked! I wouldn't mind seeing them every night of their two-month tour. :)

Random, because I can:

- Best thing I've read this week, via Daily Intel's Gossip Girl recap:

"Jenny uses Evite to invite people to a party instead of Facebook. What, is her Internet poor, too?"

- Stella McCartney calls dibs on bride-to-be Scarlett Johansson: "I'm definitely doing her wedding dress. She doesn't know it yet."

Oh hai, Stella, I can has wedding dress designed by you, too??? KFANX!


  1. Stella can do my dress and I'm not even sort of engaged.



  3. i personally dont really care if Logan is there, just to specify. Obvs Kristen Bell, but I would even settle for that blonde that Logan dates in season two while her Dad is testifying against him in the murder trial. I saw her in a McyD's commercial the other day, looks great.

  4. oh, and if Logan is there I hope it's seanson one or two logan where he's still cool, instead of talking quietly and crying all the time like in season three.

    just sayin.

  5. Ok, this is for Sean. Didn't I say that last night?

  6. Jessica MoralesMay 8, 2008 at 5:20 PM

    Umm.... remind this Sean guy about Logan's epic ass-kicking of Piz in Season 3. So yeah, this Veronica Mars cruise sounds incredible, especially the murder mystery game part.

    Oh and Gossip Girl continues to impress me, even though little Jenny Humphrey gets more and more annoying by the episode. More Chuck Bass plz.

  7. HAHAHA. I totally want to do the cruise too.

  8. true. I forgot about that. However, i'm pretty sure he did a lot of low talking/crying afterwards.

    Man. You want to watch the entire series again? If Kristen Bell actually WERE Veronica Mars, I would take her over Hayley, just sayin.

  9. Re: Veronica Mars cruise comments - omg I love that you guys are as nerdy about that show as I am.

  10. Let's hope Piz isn't on this cruise, for reals. I'd have to strangle him for ruining the LoVe relationship.