Wednesday, May 28, 2008

She's scared to death of cobra snakes.

I've been incredibly busy. But here are some wrap-up stories about my wonderful Memorial Day weekend spent with my family and friends:

- Hi Dad! Hi Uncle Arthur! (They found my blog.)

- So, Kells hates period films and dust in movies. Yeah, dust. We thought it was wise to bring her to Indiana Jones! The best part is she LOVED it. Yay! I mean, the three of us were sitting there cracking up at the corniness (oh, the monkey scene) and the myriad of unintentional comedy scenes (Shia rolling up on his moto'cyyyyy). It was a fun adventure movie and it kept us laughing, so I'll thumbs up that one. For part of a franchise, it held great - at least it wasn't X-Men 3 or Spiderman 3 (UGH). Also, pretty cool that they brought back Indy's love interest, and they didn't shack him up with the likes of a 20-year-old Hollywood starlet. Also, that actress, Karen Allen, runs a knitting shop and got a call from Spielberg to her knitting studio asking her to come back. Uh, YEAH, I'm freakin' knitting, I have some time to be in the next Indiana Jones mega-blockbuster...or, whatever.

- Indiana Jones, via

- Erica and I were running to catch the 456 from Grand Central when she ran onto it, and the doors closed in my face. I was so mad that I had to wait. (So much traveling, you know?). Anyway, I get on the next train and after a couple of stops I look up and I realize that it's my roommate from college, Melissa, whom I haven't seen in THREE YEARS (since we graduated, woah!). I snap my fingers at her (I dunno, my voice was gone?) and we have a mini-flipout on the train, along with her friend Jill, that had come and visited us at Boston University years ago. Turns out she lives near Union Square, and I had to take the L, but it was a fun little coincidence. We are getting together soon...

There's my wrap-up.

Oh, also, there's THIS new pic from the Watchmen movie:


I'm SO BUSY this week. On Friday I'm jetting off to St. Louis to meet up with the FIANZ. I can't contain my excitment! We're celebrattin' his birthday :)


  1. Ah that monkey scene was just cheestastic indeed!

  2. Haha, red ant scene = AWESOME though.
    Have fun in St. Louis! I'll be chillin' in the city next week!