Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Walking into spiderwebs.

We know I'm a videochatting fiend. So, Jesse's computer broke yesterday and I had a sad. I mean, we're in a long distance relationship - no es bueno. Yeah, we have the phone, but it's easier to talk to people while you see their face. Maybe it's just me, but talking on the phone is just too much guesswork. I tend to pay real close attention to inflection, and it's much more labor intensive than video chat. Also, I happen to love my fianz' face. Today I came home from work and saw that my bestie Kells had a little camera next to her screenname!

Me: Wait, should I put on pants for this?
Kelly: What? You're not wearing pants?
Me: HAHA just kidding.
Kelly: hahahaha
Me: Actually, I'm not, but that was funny, right?
[flash a bare leg into the screen]
Kelly: Why aren't you wearing pants?!?!
Me: Well, I just got home from work and I hate my work pants so the first thing I do is take them off, and then i was just checkin' on the internets, which is pretty PANTS OPTIONAL, and we started video chatting.
Kelly: Oh, okay. So, what's up?



You knew I wasn't going to do a videochat post without one of him. Also, can you see why I love looking at his face?!?!?!?!?! THANK YOU.


  1. HaHa this made me laugh.
    Admit it you were waiting for Jesse so you could cam chat naked with him! :p

  2. I am the same way! I strip the second I get home, lol. ESPECIALLY when they're "fancy pants" for work. ick.

  3. @ toni-marie - haha, not quite.

    @ somechick84 - yes! somebody gets it!!! i abhor work clothes. i wish i could wear jeans every day.