Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't, don't put your hands down.

I just uploaded a bunch of music to my iPod, so I've been listening to a lot of new albums (I'm a big fan of listening to whole albums)...

A of all, get Santogold's album. I've been listening to it for a few weeks now and it's awesome. Idolator marked her more Tegan & Sara dance mix than all the critics marking her M.I.A.'ish. I agree, and add in a splash of ska-girl Gwen. I'm so into it, and have been rocking it on the commute to work for the past month or so. [Buy via Amazon or iTunes!!!!]

Erica has been pumping The Ting Tings. This morning I may or may not have had a slight beat to my step on my way into work while listening to their song, "Great DJ." The drums! The drums! The drums! The drums! They're British fun. And you've probably heard their song that Apple commercial ("shut up and let me go!"). I love fun albums. [Buy via Amazon or iTunes]

Next up, I uploaded Take the Crown's latest, Relapse React. I remember reading through my G-Reader a couple of weeks ago and reading about Take the Crown (and five other bands) being sponsored by Denny's, and I was like, "how do I know that band??" Last summer I'd met the keyboardist Ryan through mah girl Perry when the band came through New York. Rock out stuff. Absolutepunk.net approved! [Buy via Amazon and iTunes]

And, finally, I've been listening to the new My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges, which apparently doesn't come out til next week? Interesting. I'm into it. If you don't listen to MMJ already, you should get into it. They're solid, and I have a feeling I'm going to come to love this album. [Preorder via Amazon and iTunes].

On a related note, I'm sad to report that muxtapes have been blocked at work, so I can no longer enjoy it during my work day! But Rick, Erica, and Keller have all updated their mixes! Check them out! I'll try to update mine soon, lo prometo.

Has anybody also been rocking out to the above? Whatchoo listenin' to?


  1. Oooh I will check out these albums. I really like my morning jacket as well.
    I been listening to MGMT nad Coconut records lately and allot of old school Tom Petty...I really like him.

  2. chele - i've also been listening to MGMT! and ppl have been telling me to get into coconut records.... :)

  3. yay, I was JUST thinking today that I really should look into downloading some new music cause I've been in pretty much of a music-block lately, and just taken to leaving my ipod at home b/c I never listen to stuff. Thanks for your rec's, I'll definitely be checking them out! :)

  4. mgmt is amazing, i agree.

    have you heard 'say hi' [formally 'say hi to your mom'] yet? i am sort of obsessed eternally. just sayin.

  5. MGMT?

    i dig on the my morning jacket for sure, I love the song "one Big Holiday"

    i can't believe everyone is updating their muxtapes, ive been meaning to do that as well!

    lately i've been listening to way too much "This American Life" Podacasts, the song "Cath.." off the new Death Cab, The Lawrence Arms, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the new National EP, and old Saves The Day!

  6. lindsay - i'll look into "say hi"!

    sean - i'll let you in on MGMT. though they've already been played on gossip girl, so...it's out there. ha :) update yours! There's a new National EP? holy crap too much music. ps let's hang.

  7. jess - just saw your comment! check them out! and empires HOWL...free download, holler (next post)