Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I will guide you in the night.

Okay, last night, I don't know why I completely forgot to mention the album I listened to most over this past weekend. I think it was the reason I started writing last night's post! I was actually IMing Rick, telling him to download it and playing it for Erica while she got ready for Trainwreck last night. I can't believe I forgot to include it. There was one day last week where it was all over my Google Reader, but I think I heard it first via Aileen. Empires: Howl. Download it for FREE at their website!

And here's my stream of consciousness while listening to it this morning: indie rock, excellent kick-in, Say Anything (...Is a Real Boy-style), Patrick Stump, 80s, jazzy keyboards sans corniness (aka not Maroon 5 or The Cab), I'm really into the vocals, this song would be great over a montage scene in a teen drama show, Beatles, channeling The Beatles much better than Panic, NOT emo, like a pop record that manages to not be corny, sounding a little like Muse but doesn't quite reach their epic-ness (not a bad thing), non-fail piano rock.

Each song sounds slightly different, but they mesh well together (kind of like that album cover tracklisting, no?). I don't think I'm doing good job of explaining Empires' music, but hopefully I've sparked your curiosity and you'll check them out. Remember, free.


  1. What's funny is the third song (Modern Love) totally reminds me of early-mid 80s Rick Springfield. Crazy I know, but it does.

  2. Ha! That's the song that evoked my "80s" in the list...haha. So true!

  3. I couldn't have described it any better!

  4. aileen - woot! thanks for the ref. so good :)