Wednesday, June 4, 2008

There's something going on...

Across the street from the movie theater @ the Manhattan Center. Bravo channel, red carpet...that's all I see. Hm? Off to watch Sex and the

-- via hip and I'm wearing sneakers top


  1. Bravo's A-List Awards--they've been airing commercials for it nonstop during Top Chef for the past month or so, subsequently ruining my life a little.

    Love your blog, been reading in silence for a while now, just getting around to saying 'hi' now.

    So, yeah...hi :]

  2. yay! i am seeing it for the second time tonight. pretty decent movie.

  3. mimimine - hi! welcome. :) unfortch, i went to the movie and didn't stick around to take in any celebs....i would have loved to see some of those NYC real housewives FOR REAL!

    lindsay - i liked it! i'll probably write about it later!