Monday, June 2, 2008

Friday: NYC to STL.

I worked a half-day on Friday to make my two o'clock flight out of LaGuardia. New York was beautiful as I soared above it; sunny, no clouds, and I always love a view of tiny Manhattan from a plane. In the middle of the country, as we made the descent into St. Louis, I was frightened by the fact that there was a lightening storm going on right outside my window. Literally, they hadn't even put the seatbelt sign on yet, and I was staring at lightening bolts in the cloud right outside my window. I survived the trauma unscathed.

Another reason it didn't bother me too much was because I was surprised by how good my (first) experience went on Midwest Airlines. They have huge, roomy leather seats with a great two-elbow arm rest between seats - nobody was crowding my space! And, they BAKE chocolate chip cookies on the plane. WHAT? Amazing. Delicious. And, because of a horrible ride (LaGuardia's fault) taken by Jesse's mom, Sandi, last year - the roundtrip ticket was FREE!

Jason, one of Jesse's bestest friends, thankfully picked me up from the airport and we were on our way with his friend Christy to MCS' show at The Pageant. Jason also provided me a whole bag of comics!! WOO! I made it sidestage in time for my favorite MCS song, "Last Night," and jumped up and down so Jesse saw that I was there and he blew me kisses, cause, hello, he's amazing.

After the show, we went to a bowling alley with a bunch of Jesse's STL friends to celebrate his birthday! His birthday isn't technically until tomorrow, but STL is one of his hometowns. The journey to the bowling alley included a high-heeled-sandal walk in flood weather with thunder clapping about me. Luckily, I had brought my umbrella. At the alley, we had a really great time, also made by the fact that I got to eat some toasted ravioli, an STL staple. Jesse got a bunch of strikes, Christy and I flipped out about how Jesse's friend Mark looks a lot like Jeffrey Dean Morgan (it's kind of ridic), and then we finally called it a night.

And being back with the fianz...oh the fianz...I was SO happy to be in his arms again. There's really nothing that makes me happier. When he's near, it's like everything goes back to normal...and by normal I mean that kind where the universe makes sense and nothing is out of place and there is nothing to worry about, ever.

Birthday Boy!

More updates to come - tons of pics and deets from Iowa-slash-Nebraska on Saturday and Kansas City on Sunday. Apparently my internet is broken at home, though, so we'll see when I can post them!


  1. Aw! Glad you had an awesome time

  2. i ONLY fly Midwest Airlines
    unless Midwest doesn't fly there. They are the ONLY way to fly.
    Congrats on finally losing your virginity to them. It'll never be the same.

  3. sandy - thanks!

    emily - well, you DO live in the midwest :) i have a wedding to go to at the end of summer in kansas city - totes booking it on midwest!!!

  4. YAY for good times in STL! And I have a super crush (innocent, of course) on Mr.Jeffrey Dean. :)