Monday, June 2, 2008

Sat: Omaha, apparently Iowa. &Sun: KC.

I shall tell you a tale in pictures! Since I apparently only took pictures at the Honda Civic's Omaha date. First off, the bus ride from STL to Omaha was brutal. I am a heavy sleeper, but the bus was bouncing me all over the bunk. I did not get much sleep.

However, sleep doesn't much matter when there's a glorious day to be spent with your fianz and other such awesome people. I woke Jesse up when his mom arrived with her friend Diane. It was great to see Sandi again, as this was the first time I've seen her since before Jesse had proposed! She also had a car, so we took advantage of that and drove into the "city," which I thought was Omaha, Nebraska, but was actually Council Bluffs, Iowa. I don't get it.

This is the venue before doors opened, on our way out to lunch - see, there's nothing here. It's five miles away from civilization. It's still rad.


We went to the mall because MCS had a blood drive signing, and we walked past the Hot Topic where the window was MCS-ed out. :)

Justin and Jesse getting ready for the show. Jesse doing jumping jacks. My sidekick is not a good camera, CAN YOU TELL??

My sidestage girlfriend/partner in crime/awesome lady Joyce.

Diane & Sandi!!

Tour manager Brian/B/SillyGrrl's #1 Fan.

Justin's post-show hair in all it's glory.

Joyce, literally nomming Tony.


After the show, since we didn't have a car to drive anywhere, there was basically a rolling party in any direction you went. Outside the buses, Beth broke out the Sparks and we were sitting around a continually growing number of people with instruments playing selections from Weezer's Blue album. At one point I shut up because Brendan Urie (singer for Panic) joined and, let's be honest, I shouldn't be singing in public EVER. Bob from The Hush Sound did start playing The Beatles, "I've Just Seeen a Face," and I think I almost flipped out/freaked him out...but who can be sure?

Jesse and I then wandered onto the empty-but-lit stage and hung out in the lawn and looked up at the sky and other corny things about stars, blah blah blah. It was good to walk around and just talk one-on-one. :)

Back on the bus that night we had a nice little cuddle in his bunk, until he awoke from a violent dream and literally pushed me out. He apologized the next day, but I hardly remembered in my sleepy state. Funny stuff. Then the bus started moving and I had another crap night of sleep in my bunk...seriously, I clutch my mattress at times.

We arrived in Kansas City the next day and it was kind of interesting because I lived in Ft. Leavenworth twice in my life (for a year in 4th grade, then back for 7th and half of 8th). Also, Joyce is from KC but I didn't get a chance to see her puppies! :( All was well, though, because while Jesse did his pump-you-up routine at the local gym, Sandi, Diane and I went shopping on the plaza.

Then the big, doomed moment came and Jesse was driving me to the airport. :( I can't stand saying bye. I think I rushed back to the car three times after saying goodbye to get in one more kiss. NERD. The flight went fine and I made it home last night at a reasonable hour. Today was pretty brutal though, and I'm excited to go home and rest.


  1. aww yay! cute faces! i love your play by play...all i got from b was that they were playing in a big field, he didn't have service, he got drunk, and there was a sing-a-long.

    two more weeks!!

  2. awwww what a fun road trip! :)

  3. sarah - BOYS! they seriously have no idea how much info we need. jesse's the same way. ha. there was hardly any service there AT ALL. wish you coulda been there. i'm counting down to 2 weeks too :)

    ang - it was! it was!

    rialeilani - truly. :D

  4. awww sounds like so much fun on the road. gotta love all these small towns and shops you pass by that has a character on their own..thats what I love about travelling. discovering the quirky stores and stuff

  5. chele - totally love traveling to find the fun small things. and being with him of course :)

  6. love the pics! luck thing you. and jp's hair is seriously getting out of control. glad you captured it as proof. ;]

  7. lindsay - thanks - though they're sidekick pics. i should really start bringing around a real camera. :/ added you to my blogger roll!