Sunday, June 8, 2008

The heat has descended upon New York.

This morning, Erica, Kells, Lauren, and I were walking to brunch and reminiscing on another weekend of accomplished fun.

On Friday, I picked Erica up from work and we got our eyebrows threaded. It was my first time, and I'm not sure if I'll do it again because a) the woman didn't get all mah hairs and b) I told her not to go above my eyebrow and she did, and I got the subsequent rash of red bumps I always have when I wax and c) I was reaching for my change, and then she just grabbed it back, thinking it was her tip. I wasn't going to leave a tip. Lame. Erica and I then headed to Trader Joe's to stock up for the next day's ROOFTOP BBQ! Then we went home and ate a lot of guacamole and drank Sparks and watched Dylan McKay do his special brand of richboy rebel on 90210.

Once we had done our pregame ritual (fashion show! fashion show!) we rocked it out to Hanger Bar where DJs Ultragrrrl and Karenplusone bestowed their 90s hits upon the dance floor, and we danced accordingly. Actually, as Erica and I were walking down Avenue A, we ran into Sean and Furman and decided they should join us as well. Meik was taking pics along with Jiscilla, Chris Black has moved to New York, and then Ben, Aaron and Joe showed up and I was so happy! Ben's been living here for a few months and I've seen him far too little. Anyway, my feet started hurting after a while, so I had to bid adieu to the party-ers as they headed to another bar.

My feets, they hurt / Ben and Jessica and our hair

The next day I woke up Erica by crawling into her bed and we discussed preparations for our (second annual!) Rooftop BBQ. Then we stepped outside. Oh hai, 95 degrees and with heat so thick I felt like I was using muscles to push my way through it. As you could probably tell from the pictures, all of our lovely friends showed up and the day's glories fed into the night. We even had people arrive early - leave it to Jonah Bayer. Our invite said four, and at 3:30, Jonah strolls in with Meg and Steven (from Steven's Untitled Rock Show). The early BBQ-ers and us stayed in the apartment for a while because of the age old air-conditioning vs. heat stroke debate. When other guests started arriving, we headed to the roof and enjoyed food and a small breeze every five minutes or so that cooled our perspiring faces for .2 seconds.

By 7:30, some people had other engagements to go to, and we're down to about six people, when a second wave of our party came. HA. We were sitting there enjoying the lightening in the far, far distance when all of a sudden the wind picked up to a gale and then immediate downpour. It was incredible how quickly the weather changed. After about half an hour in the apartment playing Wii and discussing certain people's crushes on MSNBC anchors, the weather was back to heartbreakingly humid and we started a game of celebrities on the roof which led to a lot of screaming about Tom Cruise and Condaleeza Rice -- you don't want to know, trust me.

We winded up the night after everyone left with a girls-only sesh in my bed consisting of Erica, Kells, and Lauren and we basically talked about the fact that we had just partied for twelve hours straight, there had been some making out (always a sign of an epic party), some treachery, some tallying, sharing of background info, and the rehashing of many a hilarious moment, including one that took many many hours of deconstruction, even through our brunch this morning.

Do I need to say this again? MY FRIENDS RULE.

I spent the rest of today cleaning, trying not to sweat, and, you guessed it, watching more 90210. And now, I typed this whole long thing to bide time while Jesse finishes playing. The west coast is not conducive to healthy sleeping habits.


  1. looks like you had a seriously fun weekend! i love watching 90210 in the mornings!!! since Antranig doesn't have DVR we always watch it at his place on Saturday mornings!!! (at my house I make him watch DVRed so you think you can dance muhahahaha!)

    have a great day!! I *love* late night sessions after a fun night!

  2. I'm sure someone has already told you this, but you make the BEST faces in pictures haha!

  3. sabrina - my love for 90210 has been reignited via dvd :) dylan mckay ftw.

    nicole antoinette - hahaha thanks! i'm a spaz most times.