Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Definition of TOO HOT.

Yes, 84 degrees. It's 7:52 AM and it's 84 degrees. Off to work...


  1. This is the the weather in Virginia:

    That is the definition of too hot.

  2. oh hai anon - i can't see the pic (at work!), but i bet it's ridiculous! 84 degree weather at 8 am + humidity + manhattan = nightmare

  3. but can you fry an egg on your roof yet?

  4. oh hi spring! it's soooo nice that winters gon...Spring? Spring everything all right? OH MY GOD YOU"RE BURNING!! OH GOD IT'S SO HOT.

  5. haha i raise you..
    98 degrees in madison, nj right now.

  6. haha i was going to comment about how disgusting it is outside, but then i was trying to figure out what you meant by "anon" and then i realized

    hahaha i LOVE your many abbrevs (that kind of sounds like a herpes medication...not good)

  7. Gross.
    Just gross.

    I miss the humidity-less Minneapolis weather. :-(

  8. Jason - if you're lucky, when you're here....hahaha

    Sean - HAHAHA you crack me up!!

    Margot - This heat will not abate! Ridiculous!

    Alana - Also, I use "anon" like Shakespeare (Anon, anon good nurse!) Just kidding. Kinda. :) Abbrevs are my life - how else could I fit in so much casual writing/conversation?!

    Renee - I've only been to Minneapolis in the fall (v. nice) or winter (brrrr). I'm sure summer is gorgeous there!