Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And now I think I'm ready to bust a move.

As Justin explains above, tonight you can see Motion City Soundtrack in concert! FREE! Get a free seat for this show via the interwebz at Deep Rock Drive HERE and tonight you can watch them in Vegas, change the camera angles, send them messages whilst they play, AND vote on the setlist! Jesse's been practicing their entire catalog to get prepared...what ever shall I vote for? Hmmm...I'd actually really love to hear the ender for their last album, "Even If It Kills Me." Also from their first, "Shiver" and "Perfect Teeth." But I pretty much like all their songs (always have!) and I think it will be an interesting experience. It's going to be different than actually seeing them live, obviously, where you have a crowd of energy and all the sensory feelings of a live show...but Motion City usually brings the energy, no matter what. Check out my fianz on the keyboards!!! The show starts at 7pm pacific, so 10pm here on the East Coast. I know Erica and I will be singing and shaking our hips tonight in our living room!


Last night was Christy's last Trainwreck :( Christy's moving from Manhattan to Austin, TX and it's her last week. I'll be writing a post just for her, one of my bestest friends, because this truly feels like the end of an era. When Erica and I moved here two years ago, we came together with Kelly, Christy, Jiscilla in a bond that will be for all time. Anyways, before I start getting teary, I'll stop! Last night was a lot of fun, and Christy fully enjoyed my going-away gift, which will make little sense to anybody outside of the five of us, but it was a commemoration of the foundation of our friendship, and all five of us coming together. It's also an assured way for the four of us to call her: I gave her The Source. Today after work is another hurrah for Christy, and my final with her, as I leave for Vegas tomorrow and by the time I get back, she'll be gone. (Oy, tears, stop!)

It's been a ridiculously busy and jam-packed week, and it's only Wednesday! The heat just really kicks it up that extra notch, too. Yesterday I bought an extra fan for my room and I was struggling when I got off the subway because I had to keep my arm at a 45 degree angle so the box didn't drag, and my arms, well, they were hurting. A young gentleman saw me struggling and offered to help. I usually don't take up these offers - ask Jesse, ha - but I gave in (la tee da). He introduced himself as Jesse, and I go, "That's my fiancee's name!" and that he was in a band, "So's my fiancee!" Haha...he made fun of me for asking if he'd heard of Motion City, as in, he obvs had, but I don't know, hipsters in Brooklyn bands aren't exactly MCS' usual demographic. He then stared up at my apartment building and asked if all of MCS lived there. Mmm, nope, Jesse's the only one that lives in this city, but fanx for the haul! Coincidence, coincidence.

Okay, STILL effin' loving the new My Morning Jacket. Also, Empires. ALSO - thank you Rick and Lindsay the podcast recommendz, as I've suscribed to the This American Life podcasts, and so far, I'm digging. Does anybody have any other podcasts I should suscribe to? I'm enjoying them in the morning as opposed to my usual three choices on the subway: read a book, listen to music, or seethe at the collective annoyingness of not having any viable media at hand and the crowded train of commuters.

Tonight it's Christy's bash, the concert (who's joining?!), and then I have to pack for VEGAS and California this weekend. More on that later!


  1. jessiiiccaaaaaa....i know you warned me...but tears at work are no good!!!

    i cant believe tonight is gonna be the last :(

  2. DECKER!!!!!! We will always have The Daily <3 And um, all those trips we already have planned to Austin!!!!

  3. other podcasts? I meant to sing up for 'Sound Opinions' (also chicago public radio) last night and i forgot!!! god damn it! Cursive are on today playing new material! baaaaaa.

    I dont know if the show is good or not, but the dudes at This American Life (which I absolutely love) said it was good, so, maybe.

    That sucks abotu Christy, wish i couldhave made it out last night! but band practice beckoned, three shows this week and we hadnt played as a full band in almost a month!

  4. Oh man...I have a feeling seeing B from very, very, very far away is gonna make me cry. This time zone stuff is not so fun. We haven't had a decent chat in a couple days.

  5. Sean - I love how you use my blog comments to realize things. Unrelated, sorry I can't come to your shows this weekend :(

    Sarah - I totally know what you mean. I HATE THE WEST COAST. (When I'm not there and he is.) Time zones are awful. The other morning I got up for work and he was laying down to sleep. It's like this weird disconnected feeling. Do not like. You get to see B soon!!! Wish you were gonna be in Vegas this wknd!

  6. i have my ticket for the mcs show but i dont think i am going to catch it. perfect teeth is def. my fave. but if they play any old songs count on jp not remembering some lyrics, right? ha. just bein honest! oh well. definitely update on how it goes!

  7. lindsay - they played perfect teeth :) and the only song justin forgot the lyrics too was "feel like rain" and it wasn't even bad. it was a pretty sweet deal, actually!!

  8. aw DANG IT! i missed it. oh well. glad the show turned out. it is an interesting concept, and it seems they pulled it off! good for them and your fianz. ;] aw.

  9. p.s. my eyes totally missed the part where you said you subscribed to the podcast! yessss! you will have to tell me how you like it!