Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Had to say bye to Christy :(

-- via hip def cried and am gonna miss her so much top


  1. goodbyes are always sad. but may i say I AM IN LOVE with your dress. Where did you get it??

  2. awwww gfs are the BEST. but now you have someone to visit and think of all the excitement that goes into planning trips! :)

  3. My bff moved to TX three years ago. Today is her birthday. I miss her constantly, but email is a godsend.

  4. What kind of watch are you wearing? I think I like it. Close-up please.

  5. chele - aw, thanks! i get a lot of compliments on it (it has red buttons with anchors on them, too!) and it was only 20 bucks from TJ Maxx. HOLLER!

    ang - this is very true!!! texas!

    renee - definitely love email. we have a daily email between the five of us every day, so that won't slack at all :)

    chris - dude, it's a sweet watch, i know. i'll try to get a closeup one of these days. Jesse got it for me in Japan - it's a white g-shock mini (not a baby g!), and it's only available in Japan. score!