Thursday, June 12, 2008

I know I was born to lead a double life.

Last night I had to bid farewell to one of my dearest friends. We were definitely crying as we hugged each other, and I can't write more about that now, because I'm at work, and I don't need a flurry of concern over me from my coworkers at the moment. Here are some pics of the girls last night - Curbside Gang all together :

Erica and I came home to catch Motion City on last night, and besides the technical difficulties at the beginning of the show, it was great. It's an interesting way to present live music and it's highly interactive. At the same time, the sound itself was fabulous, along with the music. Erica and I got geeky and sent in a couple of "shout outs" to Jesse, who definitely saw one, and raised his arms in excitement. Yay!

In about two and a half hours I'm heading to LaGuardia to head to LAS VEGAS! I'm going out for the remainder of the Honda Civic Tour, which ends on Saturday in Anaheim. Then Jesse and I are taking a few days in southern California to relax. And I need it. And sleep. And Jesse :)

I've never been to Vegas, and while I don't think it'll be my fave city, I'm excited. We're staying at the Palms, his mother is also flying in, and we're seeing the Cirque de Soleil's tribute to the Beatles show. YES! The fianz knows how to do it right. And the best part? Next Tuesday when I fly back, he'll be right next to me. YAY! I'm really glad this tour is over: it was RIDICULOUSLY long. He's been gone since April! If it was long for me, I can't even imagine how long it must feel to him. But now I get him back, and for those three weeks, we already have a full itinerary. It's called FUN.

I'm stoked.


  1. Sweet! Cirque de Soleil AND The Beatles?? Dude. You've got a keeper there. :)

  2. Have fun in Vegas!!! It's my second favorite city. I am soo jealous that you're seeing Cirque De Soleil's Love. So JEALOUS. Your man does it right. The Real World totes was in the Palms. The super amazing suite.

  3. awwww have SO MUCH FUN in vegas. i go several times a year. its just too much fun. i actually saw LOVE last time i was there. you leave the theatre in the best mood! :)

  4. i have a huge list of 'things to do when brian gets his butt back to mi' yaaayyyy!

  5. sounds amazing, have a great time! i can't wait to see your posts :)

  6. waaaahhh...have fuuun though :)

  7. Oh wow! You'll have a blast for sure :D And I'm sure it'll be so nice to have Jesse home with you!! awww ;)

  8. The MCS show was great, I agree! I got most of it ripped. Let me know if you didn't get a copy and I'll send you the links to upload!

    Have fun on vacation!!

  9. Have fun in Vegas! And I'm glad ya finally get your man back =)

  10. aw lucky you. Enjoy Vegas and time with the Fianz. Plus seeing Cirque de Soleil's beatles show. Awesome mini-break.

  11. vegas is pretty fun...unfortunately the time i was there i got stuck there with only $10 to my name. but hey, i still managed to survive, get drunk, go to a strip bar, gamble and come back with the same $10 i left with.

    hope your vacation is super fun!

  12. I think we've covered this quite a few times but... I LOVE VEGAS!

  13. lyndsey - oh i know. that's why i said "yes." :)

    kristen - i had so much fun! update to come...

    ang - i DID leave the theater in the best mood! twas awesome!!

    sarah - yay! you see brian today!!

    rialeilani - update forthcoming!

    dex - i are missing you cat

    jess - it's very very nice already :)

    anonymous - email me the links... (email listed on my blogger profile)

    sandy - FANX! i'll be catching up on everybody's blogs today, and updating here....

    toni-marie - it was an awesome mini-break. v. v. awesome.

    amanda jo - ah, the city of sin! ha. it was a good first visit...

    nicole antoinette - yay vegas! update coming...