Friday, June 20, 2008


We all know that I'm a huge Ryan Adams fan. He's just really tops for me. Because of this, friends sometimes ask me to "introduce" them to Ryan's music when they've heard a song they like (most likely culprit: "Come Pick Me Up" - but, to be sure, one of his best songs). Anyway, Ryan's prolific nature leads him to produce far more music than can be handled in a simple recommend. So, I usually tell my inquiring friends to buy his album Gold and leave it at that - if they are so into that album (his most commercially viable) that they want more and ask for it, that's when I'll geek out on them about my beloved D.R. Adams. But nobody's asked.

Until now!

Lovely little Lauren listened to Ryan's Easy Tiger and she wanted more. So she came to me. Her enthusiasm for certain tracks and the fact that she had listened to his billionth album first, led me to take on her Ryan Adams Education.

I'm going to catalogue it a bit here - so I can remember my suggestions for Lauren, and if anybody wants to follow along and get deep down with the Ryan Adams love, you has a place. Lauren and I will obvs be more in-depth via other communication.

So, Lauren's already listened to Easy Tiger and she digs. It's almost a throwback to his first solo album Heartbreaker, but it infuses some of the jam-ness of his Cardinals work. Therefore, I wanted to start Lauren on a clean slate, and basically, where I started: one very sad song. My life with Mr. Adams began when my bestie Amber sent me a few songs, and highly recommended I listen to "In My Time of Need." I cried (admitted), and then I was hooked. Obviously any artist that offers me catharsis upon first listen deserves more attention.

Lauren's first assignment: download and listen to the song "Dear Chicago." One of Ryan's saddest, thus my reason for starting there. It's on Demolition, but was meant for Heartbreaker. It still gets me teary, even after eight million listens. It's a winter song; sometimes I swear I get colder listening to it. Do not listen to it if you've just had a break-up. It's a break-up song, but it will make you wallow wallow wallow. And it's beautiful. This morning:

Success! We're on the right path...

Lauren's second assignment: buy Heartbreaker, listen thoroughly, and we'll discuss the tracks; they have stories and women and hidden sounds and etc. behind them. Can't wait!

[End Geek Out Transmission.]


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  2. YES! I would definitely recommend a listen to Gold too. I'm partial to Rock 'n Roll as well. I think the only album I'm not the hugest fan of is 29 but even there, "Strawberry Wine" is one of the most beautiful songs.

  3. as much as i've heard (or read) you go on and on about him, i can't say i've ever heard anything. BUT your dear chicago ravings are enough to make me download it. josh is mixing right now, but as soon as i get a crack at the speakers i'll let you know what i think!

  4. ooh this is going to be fascinating. I've been working on the you too can be Ryan Adams in 5 easy ways course..
    1. Play tons of Acoustic guitar
    2. Shut down you tumblr account
    3. Break your right hand or pinky
    4. Drink a little too much whisky.
    5. Still working on the mandy moore

  5. My asshole ex LOVED Ryan Adams which immediately puts me off him, but I do really like "Dear Chicago" despite all that.