Monday, June 23, 2008

This weekend was...

A kick in the butt for me.

As you can probably tell, I've been extremely busy for a long time. Work is busy, after work is busy, the weekends are tornados of errands and obligations. This isn't bad - it's simply taxing. There's a myriad of plans already made for, well, the rest of the summer. I believe every weekend is booked!

Jesse and I partied with our friends at the Stolen Transmission party on Friday, then woke up early early early Saturday morning to catch a train to my parents' home in Massachusetts. We accomplished some wedding plans (feels good!) and hung out with my brother and my cousin. We saw Get Smart, which I had my doubts about, but it was a genuine laughfest. Sunday was spent with my parents and card games and foodz. We arrived back in Brooklyn in time to wish Miss Erica Dagley a...


It's sure to be a week-long celebration, due to tomorrow night's Trainwreck fiesta and this weekend we head to her aunt's house for a summer weekend of suburban debauchery. Yay!

There's also plans for every night this week (even the weekdays are taken!) and next week Jesse's bestie (haha) Jason gets here to experience Nueva York! We have a jam-packed weekend planned from the 1st through 4th of July weekend. Another yay!

I should calm down.


Is it better to be a male that a) non-ironically, via myspace admits to watching both One Tree Hill and Two and a Half Men or b) have no television interests at all ?

The answer is B!!! Always B!! Okay, I'm not usually a taste snob, but these two shows with their "ratings" have always baffled me. Apparently fans exist...I'm trying to demonstrate to one of my friends [a nicer television watcher, of course] that this could be a dealbreaker, as it may or may not be a sign of immaturity and/or early-onset senility. Otherwise: the guy's okay, whatever.*

In sad news, RIP George Carlin. :(

I enjoy watching tennis. I'm excited for Wimbeldon.

Jiscilla was at one time in her past director. As in the woods, wildlife, bugs, etc. I'm having troubles adjusting to this image too, don't worry.

Jesse's gotten me into The Wire. We're on season one, and though I'm only a halfsie, I'm quite enjoying the slow-building storylines and well-developed characters. We find time for the episodes on trains and planes of our travels.

Lauren's Ryathalon is going well. She bought Heartbreaker and cried to "In My Time of Need." Well done, lady, well done indeed.

I absolutely love when my friends start blogging. PERRY! KATIE! Check out more funsies on my friends list to the left :)

My Google Reader is SO backed up. +Infinity articles to read. :/

And with that, it's back to work, and My Scheduled Life.

*My apologies to any men reading this who are legitimate fans of these shows. You women: you're smarter than that, c'mon! Just kidding...kind of...but really: explain yourself fans! Explain it!


  1. I'm totally in the same boat as you girlie!!! I am so crazy busy but I am so so so happy! Parties, wine, renovating my future home/condo's bathrooms, shore weekends, wedding stuff etc etc etc!!

    I LOVE IT!

  2. i love one tree hill - i can't help it. i know it's horrible, but i'm hooked!

  3. I don't get it either. To me? One Tree Hill seems like a show people need to stop watching after they hit the tender age of 17.. who knows!

  4. I love wimbledon. lots of guys in shorts making grunting noises. yum.