Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few screengrabs of my computer life.

Why I need (and have) an unlimited texting plan.

My little pet.

Desktop folder currently ruling my life.
Another life-folder may be coming soon. Stay tuned...

The categorical buddy list.

My Google Reader, on a good day.
As in, I feel a bit caught up. Oof.


  1. This is a really cute post! And I'm curious about the new life folder!! Girl, I need life folders.

  2. LOL I love your domesticity folder, that's fantastic!

    If you're looking for a wedding community that's really amazing I'd check out LJ's Wedding Plans, it's a really great resource for any/every thing.

    Hope the other folder goes well - and hope to hear about it soon!

  3. haha this is really cute.
    I am a shift apple 4 queen but usually only for work related boringnessss!
    And agreed as I don't know what I would do without my unlimited text plan. I went without texting for one year and I felt so out of it.

  4. Google reader is the bane of my existence. I will never catch up!

  5. I love the tags on this one...also, "like unoffensive music" is my fave.

  6. am i totally out fo the loop since i don't use google reader?

  7. Aw, I have a folder on my desktop dedicated to our wedding, too!

  8. Your buddy list is hilarious- but that google reader is RIDICULOUS. And I thought I had a hard time catching up when it was at 100 or so..

  9. nicole antoinette - ah, life folders. it's coming. i make folders for things that need elaborate plans...i'll post soon regarding it...

    kyla bea - it's coming, it's coming! thanks for the link. i've added it to my reader - do you see that wedding folder?! much catching up to do, and i've added more. too bad i'm addicted and i LOVE IT.

    kristen - how did you go A YEAR without texting?!?!?!

    jamie - oh! how i know! (see what i did there?) ha. i am such a dork.

    christy - "like unoffensive music" - courtesy of dagger, filled with people i really never talk to but don't mind enough to care. per U2. or maroon5.

    sabrina - you don't even KNOW how out of the loop! sign up for it and we can share items to each other all during our work day! ha :)

    jonah - i thought you were marrying erica? wait is there a mistake in the contracts? have i been woo-ing the wrong man??

    sandy - i am addicted to the internet. anything of remote interest that has a little orange icon or RSS feed on it, i must follow in my google reader. because: what if i miss something?!?! :)