Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The Dagger & Rob Hitt are having a Black Kids Partie Traumatic listening party at TRAINWRECK TUESDAY! I've already heard great things about the album through Rick, but have yet to listen. SPIN also recently gave the album four stars. Get stoked on it & dance dance dance!

Angels & Kings: 500 E 11th At Ave A, NYC. 10:30 PM - 4 AM !

PS there's also something about free shots when the gong goes off...just sayin.


  1. your dedication to trainwreck tuesdays impress me. its so hard for me to get crazy so early in the week. then again, if i had something so kick ass to look forward to each week, i could probably pull the energy from somewhere ;)

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  3. ang - i couldn't party tonight...so, sometimes, i can't quite go crazy early in the week either. i try! :)