Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I can has kitty now?

So after I lost disastrously at poker, Adam texted me on his way out that there was a cat roaming our floor's hallways. Immediately, Erica, Lauren and I ran towards the door to see the kitty. It was rubbing up against our neighbor's wall, totally cute, totally purred while I pet it, and I totally wanted to take it home. However, we found it's home...but check out how creepily cat-nappy I look in the picture above (thanks Lauren). Either that, or I'm Gollum or somebody walked into an abandoned insane asylum, flashed a light and found me and le kitteh. Whatever.

Speaking of asylums...Arkham...whatever...I'm a nerd:



  1. Yeah, we almost stole the cat too. I think your floor should have a cat, one that just roams the halls like that all the time. That would be so cool.

  2. james is right, that cat was eyeing the elevator, and i'll admit we tried to sway it into joining us.

    your picture is gonna give me nightmares.

  3. That pic is funny!! I can't wait to see the movie (or can I? I don't want to watch the movie from the front row ...) It's on the weekend budget, though.

  4. Gah, so excited for Dark Knight. Not to mention Watchmen and T4 trailers with it.

  5. james - no, our apartment shall have two kitties :)

    sabrina - supposed to be creepy! have you seen the dark knight ads for "why so serious?" mwahahaha


    emily - i shall not watch from the front row either, that's why i'm getting there at 5 for an 830 show. it's really intense in nyc, just sayin.

    michelle - WATCHMEN TRAILER ONLINE ALREADY. my friend sent it tome, but i have to watch it now...thanks for reminding me :) also, the t4 teaser is on !!!!