Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sweet darlin', come hold me.

That's me getting four of a kind last night in our poker game!!! I've never gotten a four of a kind before, so it was pretty epic. Sean just had to take a picture of my mighty dominance of his paltry-by-comparison hand - whatever it may have been. Sean got the last laugh, however, as he ended up taking me in the end. Second place again. Tonight I plan on exacting my revenge though...

The jokers I'll be taking down tonight: Oh, haven't you heard? We don't play with jokers in this game...

After the quick poker game, Sean, James and I went to Trainwreck and had tons of fun as we usually do. There was a boy band there; I'm not kidding. They don't have an album out yet (I think), but it was ridiculous how 1998 they were. Angela works with them, so she brought them along as it was her last Trainwreck ever. Dude, why is everyone moving? Lame. Angela is my emo soulmate, as our self-made mixtapes probably looked the same during the early years of this decade, so when Dashboard is playing LA, I'll now have a somewhat-reasonable excuse to fly out (right?).

I had a great conversation with Le Fianz when I returned home. He's pretty proud of my poker skills, which he probably said to compliment himself because he's refined them a bit since I last played so ferverently in college. Just kidding, he was totally genuine and cute while he explained to me how much I rule. Feels good, you know? He tends to do that. It's always a bit tough when he's out on the road, and especially in different time zones, but we have the ability to make each other laugh no matter what. It helps. And I went to bed smiling.

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