Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Piece of the puzzle, I'm your missing part.

I realize I haven't talked about this weekend yet. I had a really great time with some of my close girlfriends - The Dagger, KellsFTW, and Gaby (,Summer of).

On Friday, I left work starving and headed to Erica's office with Wendy's in hand. On the way there, a dude slipped me a business card in a very stealthy manner. I didn't understand and looked at him confused - and he kept walking past me as he said, "If you ever wanna smoke..." and then I re-looked at the card and realized he was a marijuana dealer and then I tried to keep walking like I was cool and had a secret. I have also been watching a lot of The Wire and Weeds and so I started wondering about the logistics of this young man's business. And then I realized he probably just gave it to me because I was carrying two giant bags from Wendy's for Erica and me. I discreetly disposed of the card.

After our delish meal, sealed off with a frostie, we headed to the FTW Media/Stolen Transmission offices of Ultragrrrl's and she made us lemoncellos, though she'd had a few herself at that point. Erica, Joanna, and myself were amused. Like, do you remember Danny Devito on The View? Nobody gets that reference. Anyway, same thing. She's delightful and we discussed The Verve and Monty Are I and The Fianz.

Erica and I then headed home to prepare ourselves for a night out of dancing. We obvs grabbed some Sparks. Gaby came over (btw, have you heard? It's the Summer of Gaby, get into it) and we played Mario Kart while we waited for Kells to join, then Perry, Jtj and Sean came over. We finished off some Sparks and beer and prosecco (yeah) and headed to Royal Oak for our friend Justin to DJ. I may or may not have been the L train comedienne for the ride over, as I was intensely hyper and uh, you saw me write prosecco...Anyway, I was a crazy pants and talked about lettuce and Toulouse Lautrec - whatever, old hat. At Royal Oak, Justin was not currently DJing, and sat with us as Erica and Perry drank champagne out of a paper bag. Sean and I talked a lot about The Dark Knight at this point because the DJ thought Royal Oak was a good place to play rave music. It was nearing 3 am and still the LAME DJ wouldn't let Justin DJ (and we'd already put in a few hours of requests), so we headed out. Bummer - but next time, there's always next time.

On Saturday, Gaby, Kells, Erica and I headed to Silver Spurs for a scrumptious brunch and bid adieu for a few hours...because they were obviously coming back to BK that night for more fun. At Virgin, Erica and I scanned the DVDs for some general daytime vegetation and I saw the first season of a show called Intervention for $10. I decided to get it, because reality shows are our thing and it seemed like it would just be an episode of True Life: I'm an Addict, but uh, it was far more intense than anything on MTV, ever. Apparently a lot of people have seen this show, but we hadn't and we found ourselves incredibly captivated, if not horrified by the people and the interventions staged. Yeah, there may or may not have been tears.

When Kells and Gaby joined us to break us of our omg-the-humanity daze, we watched Pretty in Pink and felt better. We went out to Greenpointe for our friend Sarah's birthday and had fun with a photobooth (pictures coming, though the one above is of Gaby and me in the booth!). There was also dudes throwing dollars down at the bar area from a balcony...hey, I made three bucks.

I got a little worried at one point, though, because apparently Jesse was trying to contact me because MCS was on a boat tour in Alaska and the boat bottomed out and keywords are barefoot, freezing, five hours, waist-deep water, shivering, tiny island waiting, and rescued. He couldn't contact me directly even, he was messaging me from Claudio's phone and then Brian was contacting Sarah to text me...yeesh! So yeah, worried. But everything was fine soon after I got home and now he's back in the continental United States, all toes intact. Phew.

Sunday was a low-key day filled with more episodes of Intervention, and Lauren (Little One, The) came over to join us on the couch. Justin, Tyler and Pete came over for a "meeting" with Dagger BigBrains and were slightly horrified by the episode of Intervention we were watching, as they weren't immediately aware of the show's intensity - it was like, "haha drugs...oh wait... wtf!?"

Then we headed to Jtj's new apartment for a surprise going-away gathering for Angela, our dear friend who's moving back to LA this week. :( It was a fun get-together of bread, cheese, chocolate fondue, fruit, veggie trays, and oh yeah, friends. In the end it wasn't even a surprise though, as Angela was cancelling on plans, and then the planners had to tell her, "Uh, it's a surprise party, just get over here!" Haha.

Back at home, we watched another Intervention (dude, A&E has an On Demand channel!!) and it was a heartwrenching one about a girl suffering from anorexia and we were in tears by the end of it, and needed something mindless so we turned on the Denise Richards Colon... show and then Denise was talking about how she needed to lose weight and she was fat and didn't want to be seen on a beach in Hawaii in her condition. W. T. F. So, we promptly turned that off because I was disgusted with the world, and we decided to play Mario Kart, which really helps take your mind of serious issues.

In fact, last night all Erica and I did was play Mario Kart and ordered Camp Rock from the Disney Channel On Demand. Also, not impressed by the Jonas Brothers - it was my first foray into any of their media besides gossip blog pics - and this Demi Lovato kid has got to learn how to control the width of her smile. Nick Jonas is extremely disproportionate and the skinny jeans don't help. The only person who actually rocked was the character played by that girl in all the Missy Elliot videos. She was bomb. Also, yeah, Erica and I are 25 and 24 respectively, and this is what. we. do.

So there's a long post! My de-stressing is going relatively well, with little bumps here and there. Tonight it's Trainwreck for another Angela farewell, and uh, have you heard? THE DARK KNIGHT ON FRIDAY!


  1. every time you say royal oak i pretend you're coming to mi to party with me.

  2. My friends are obsessed with Intervention- I'm such a sap, can't bring myself to watch it!

  3. I totally get the Danny Devito reference, I wish I had that episode taped, he was amazing.

    We had three bottles of prosecco on our weekend getaway as well.

    3 more days til Dark Knight!

  4. a of all) of course i got the devito referz. pop culture = life.

    b of all) i love that you gave a shout out to my weekend business meeting. (BIG THINGS.)

  5. If I was Molly Ringwald, I would've gone with Duckie.

  6. Ah an intervention from intervention. I am also hooked.
    Sounds like an epic weekend! <3 those. Also can't wait for the Dark Knight. I took the day off AND already bought my tickets!

  7. Do you have the new Pretty in Pink DVD, where they show what they filmed of her ending up with Duckie in the end? it made me so happy...

  8. sarah - one day, mark my words, we will party together in michigan :)

    sandy - dude, the show is TOUGH

    el adam - prosecco does it!

    erica - i've decided your business alias is Dagger BigBrains. as opposed to your other aliases The Dagger, Dagger Party, and Child.

    jessica - duckie was SO cute!

    kristen - yeah, i bought my tickets like a month ago! so stoked! can't take teh day off work, but getting in line ASAP!