Thursday, July 31, 2008

There I can keep by your side.

I'll be up in the skies again tonight! Well, hopefully. I've been keeping track of the weather, and I was literally depressed all day Monday because thunderstorms were scheduled for today. But this morning it was clear! Woot! I'm flying Midwest this time, which I love because they serve warm chocolate chip cookies on their flights. Last year, Jesse's mom came to visit and her flight was six hours delayed and they gave her a free round-trip flight voucher. That I used. Good call, Midwest, good call. I got an email from JetBlue last night: I get $25 towards any JetBlue flights! That's great, considering I usually pay between $300-500 for flights. But, I'll take it.

I land in Milwaukee tonight (again, I say hopefully) and hanging with Emily & Evan into tomorrow when Warped arrives. Evan and I went to college together and they just got engaged, moved into a new place, are being adults, yadda yadda yadda. :) On Friday night Jesse and I are driving to Chicago and doing fun things like seeing Brand New! Srsly, Deja Entendu, seminal album of my college years. Forgive me, but I still can't get into their most recent. I tried many a time, and I know I'll try again in the future.

Anyway, I'll be seeing tons o peeps in Chicago Friday & Warped Tour on Saturday, so I'm stoked. I'm going to try to remember to bring my camera! I ALWAYS forget it. Oh, and I think we're forgetting the main reason I'm excited for this weekend: THE FIANZ!!!!! YAY! I'm doin' the happy dance.

I'll stop. And move on...

Last night, Erica and I (and an mtv camera dude) filmed some commentary for three FNmtv videos - new David Banner, Hawthorne Heights, and All Time Low. I was nice to two of them, and pretty mean to one of them. I'm actually surprised I wasn't mean to more of them because, honestly, I've been a bit music-angry lately. I don't know when it's airing, and they'll probably use like ONE soundbite, but whatevs. Oh, and then Erica and I danced for the camera, too.*

In Watchmen news (get used to it), the new issue of Empire magazine has two Watchmen covers and they're way better than Entertainment Weekly's!

*I should probably mention that Erica made us some lovely concoctions pre-taping, so that our nerves were settled. It's really weird talking into a camera and trying to be snarky. You'll probably see a lot of weird facial expressions and hand-talking from me. I already talk with my hands a lot, but when I feel loose, it gets out of control - breadstick claws - just saying. Oh, and yeah, we danced.


  1. I'm going to have to agree on Deja Entendu. I haven't gotten into anything newer but I love that album more than life! Their first album though was like my freshman year old college soundtrack haha along with the Movielife and TBS.

    Hope to see you this weekend!

  2. jamie - i definitely listened to your favorite weapon and tell all your friends freshman year. but mix in midtown's living well is the best revenge and dashboard's first two album and THAT'S my freshman year at college. :)

  3. yeah, The Devil and God...isn't as good, BUT 'Jesus Christ' is one of the most amazing songs ever (i hope this thing reads html).

    oh and ah! you're like never here anymore, we need hangz yo. I like reading your blog and all but, I also generally like hanging out.

  4. sean - html, read. we totes need to hang. i'm thinking video games + poker at The Apartment this upcoming week. I'll be lonezly cause Erica is on vacay in Maine!

  5. Oh my, seeing Brand New? That's the only thing that makes me sad about where I live (other than the winter), there is just such a lack of shows up here. Ah well, there's always the Minneapolis Road Trip!

    Can we see with FNmtv online at all?

  6. kyla bea - i have no idea about fnmtv! i'll try to find out.

  7. I second Sean, haven't seen you guys since my birthday. I'm also with you guys on Brand New, I just can't listen to the new one, it doesn't grab me, but I'm gonna go listen to the Jesus Christ song now.

    Did you check out the free Watchmen iTunes thing yet?

  8. Jessica, as you know, I'm on TV all time... although right now it mainly consists of me adjusting my fly. Let me know if you need any pointers.

  9. That's really cool about the FNmtv thing!

    I hope you have fun this weekend, and I hope your flights are all on time! It's so sweet you got some good deals with different airlines!

  10. Hah, did you see the photos from Empire? Too cool. I could never fly as much as you do, because I'm scared to death of flying. Kudos for putting up w/ airports girl.


  12. I must disagree. I'm a Devil and God person. I think their best songs are on that album (i.e. Degausser, Luca, Limousine, hell the whole album). I love Deja, but I feel like Brand New is at their best when they've lost the pop punk. SORRY!

    I'm jealous you got to see them! I haven't seen them since December. Did they play their new song?

  13. adam - see you tonight for poker. have not checked out free watchmen. AM BUSY. :)

    jonah - where are you?

    angela - thanks!

    michelle - i am afraid of no travel! :)

    sean - LOL

    jessica - i do like and recognize a few of the Devil and God songs (Sowing Season, Limousine, Jesus Christ...) but...I can't quite keep listening. i feel this album is one i might end up liking years from now. it's similar to say anything's last album. i can't stand it, but maybe it will actually be likable to me in a few years.