Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Broken down in bars and bathrooms.

So Damien Fahey hosted/fake DJ'd Trainwreck Tuesday last night, and premiered a video - for his own band...which I can't remember the name of. Anyway.

Damien: Here's our video, inspired by Fight Club.
Me (to Erica): How original!
Does he know there's a member of Taking Back Sunday here, who did that video concept a few years ago?
[Pause, look at Matt Rubano.]
Oh, wait, he wasn't even in the band then, I think...double awkward!
Erica: That's what Gaby just said!

Gaby and I were on opposite sides of Erica, so she must have been getting the same retorts in both ears. Gaby and I, we know the early 2000s pop punk. Two words: Yahoo Groups.

Man, I'm being quite the music cynicist lately, huh? Damien's band's (srsly too lazy to look it up) song was actually not bad. He's the drummer. There was a lot of lame (read: MTV) people there last night, who were all about the VIPness at AK. Listen, it's AK, you're not getting a velvet rope and a red carpet. Especially to the lady who came up to Erica in the DJ booth before the shindig even started - when the music was just relaxed and mellow, and goes, "So, we've been getting a lot of requests for 'cool' music, you know?" Quite. Lame.

Besides the general population of Damien Fahey TRL fans (no, really), I saw a lot of friends and had good times. My friends and I? We always have good times. Jiscilla will have lot of pics that I will inevitably post, as well.

On my way home, I looked up from my seat as the doors were closing on an early stop and got up quickly to take the following pic -

I got really excited because I'd heard about these "remix graffiti" posters before, but never saw one in person. I looked at the poster and was like, wait, that doesn't say Heroes! Also, if you click you can see it a little bigger (not much better, phone quality, sigh), and that corner says "Ho Time" instead of Showtime. Anyway, I was pretty happy to stumble upon it, especially after reading about the graffiti previously.

And okay, Damien's band is The Classic Futures.


  1. He's in a band!? I had no idea.
    Not going to lie - I had a crush on him circa 2002.

  2. If i was in Fight Club, I wouldn't be able to tell you...

  3. Here is The Poster Boy's Flickr with more altered subway signs:

    I've still yet to see one in person myself.

  4. yeah i totally love that sign, its on the Lormier stop right? I think so, right around there anyway

  5. kristen - he is a bit too pretty for me...and he doens't do scruff that well.

    el adam - oh i know. ps lots of poker next week - erica's out of town and i'll have lots o free time!

    alix - thank you! i had no idea that flickr existed :)

    sean - close, graham ave stop. :)

    gaby - you were famous on the internet six to seven years ago. i knew you when...