Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Jul 21 - Jul 27)

(via my last.fm)

I was a bit all over the place last week. I hadn't listened to Death Cab in a ridiculously long time and I was enjoying The National a lot, too. Towards the end of the week I started listening to Four Year Strong, something that's been on my "listen to" list for quite some time, but since it was released on the same day as another important album, I never got around to it. The album, Rise or Die Trying, actually helped me realize that I haven't heard a good, continual double-bass drum beat in a while. I think I used to be a little bit obsessed with just that sound, and now I'm stoked on seeing the band live at Warped this weekend, as I've heard good things about their live shows. Also, they're from Worcester? I'm so slow on this particular uptake (I know Gaby & Erica are rolling their eyes right now and going "duh!!!").

In other Warped news, why the eff am I seeing so much adoration for this duo Schwayze and particularly twitters, away messages, and posts regarding the supposed "hotness" of CISCO ADLER? Really? And I'm talking from people I thought had good taste - my dearest of friends, you know who you are, and I've seen your public giddiness for THIS MAN:

I can't - I simply can't - even attempt to understand why people dig Schwayze's song, "Corona and Lime," which besides describes girls going out and getting "messed up and shitty" (how endearing!), you know, actually wants a girl to be his refreshing beer. "Baby, will you be my corona and lime?" - there are many a horrid metaphor in music, I know, but this is a song that's making girls swoon?

Moving on, on Wednesday night The Dagger and I are being filmed for a certain short emo dude's tv show. More on this future embarassing-moment-caught-on-video later!

Tonight, MTV VJ Damien Fahey is DJing at Trainwreck Tuesday, and it starts a lil' early tonight, at nine, which I'm kinda glad about because I need my sleep. I hope to be dancing on that floor, so I expect good things out of the nerdy, clean-cut VJ. I already know I'm gonna prefer The Dagger's mix, but we'll see what he can pull. Come out if you're in New York! And early so we can haz dance partiez!

I leave Thursday night for Milwaukee, and am going to the Chicago and Minneapolis Warped dates as well. Also...just sayin', besides being beyond stoked to see The Fianz and a bunch of friends, this might be happening, too:

Just sayin'.


  1. I'll be at Lolla all weekend. Hit me up if you end up there too!

  2. jamie - i will twitter yer face :)

  3. when i come back from vacation you're not going to have a face because FYS is going to MELT IT OFF with their live show this weekend.

  4. excuse me! CHICAGO?!
    lets meet up! :)

  5. eeeeee yo. Cisco Adler....do not get.

  6. after you see FYS live, imagine erica and i in the crowd during their set...BRUTAL!

  7. dagger - why are you gone for a WHOLE WEEK??? :(

    ang - i'll be wherever Warped is on Saturday, and hopefully lolla on Friday night!

    dex - i thought for sure you'd be a cisco fan, i mean, he looks homeless

    gaby - erica told me! that's crazy! and awesome.

  8. I'm not going to lie. That Corona and Lime song was stuck in my head ALL day yesterday. May or may not like it alot. So embarrassing.

    Have fun during your travels!

  9. shoot! you are going to be in minneapolis for warped!? now i feel like i must go, although i planned on avoiding. last year i had a wristband and without one this year i do not want to downgrade haha. boo.

  10. kristen - liking a bad song does not make you a bad person :)

    lindsay - downgrading for events like warped is never fun. ick! i understand. :)

  11. Wow, being friends with Erica, I can't believe you're that late on the FYS boat! But that's okay, better late than never.

    And this reminds me of the brief moment I met Erica back in January when FYS played in Providence. Oh, it was very short, but it brought the lulz... at least for me. Haha, sorry Erica.

  12. Ohh I love the Kooks, I'm seeing them in October.
    Also- bummed you were in town when I was out of it!