Friday, August 8, 2008

These soles are useless without you.

And so it is Friday, and I'm finishing up the update about last weekend. Ha.

On Sunday we were in Shakopee, Minnesota. My plane was at 5pm, so I had to leave by 3, way before their set and only a few hours after we woke up. We went to catering, I helped Jesse wash his hair in the parking lot, and then we just hung out by the bus until it was time to go.

At one point, I went on the bus to grab my backpack, and when I came back out the dudes were like, "Where are you going?!?!?!" - they were so surprised that I was already leaving. And they got in a line to give me goodbye hugs, not kidding. It was really cute and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Then they were off to a signing and our friend Tiffany drove me to the airport, cause she rules. And the planes were all on time, thankfully. It was such a completely fun weekend, I didn't want to leave. Jesse, true to form, was like, "then don't go," and I may have seriously contemplated skipping work again, but they were heading to Canada. He'll be back soon though, and that's how it is for us - there's always something to look forward to.

Tony staying far away from the likes of me.

Brian camping out in front of Shwayze's bus. (You know I'm kidding.)
[P.S. I saw far too much of Cisco Adler that weekend. And way too much of his hands touching, all the time.]

Jesse testing out Brian's new bike.

Hangs. Matt, literally.

Bye, bye.


  1. You guys are shockingly sweet together - and being on warped looks like a silly amount of fun. You should come to Canada - there's tons of lumberjacks and maple syrup up here, the living's good! = )

  2. Btw you and your fiance are adorable -- Good luck with the wedding planning!

    I got married last year, and it was amazing. He used to tour too, so I know how you feel!

  3. kyla bea - aw, fanx. i'm pretty sure canada is awesome, but i didn't have my passport for such an excursion!

    sonya ina - thanks! my fiancee and i (and our friends) call our cuteness "barftime." ha. congrats to you & your husband :)

  4. Lolz at "bye-bye" at the end.

    Also, love the pic of Jesse in hat and on Newsies!

  5. dex! - i have a feeling you associate everything in your life with a christian bale movie. hahahaa plz to come back and watch little women again?!?!

  6. they got in a line to give me goodbye hugs

    because they are good boys, they are... and ditto on all those above comments about the barftime. it's awesome.

  7. You two are just so adorable. :)

  8. sarah - wish you'd been out!

    tobes - hi! they are the best.

    paula - thank you :)