Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Truth is not just in the now.

After the epic weekend with my friends and family in Massachusetts, I trudged to work yesterday...wait, scratch that. I did not trudge - I treaded lightly as possible, because my whole body was sore from all the running, jumping, climbing trees activities of this weekend. I didn't know wiffle ball could take it out of me that much. At one point yesterday, I walked into a meeting and my boss noticed my curious manner of walking (like someone on stilts but still short) and laughed heartily at my tale of wiffle woe and oh yeah, those are two mosquito bites ON MY FACE.

But, like I said, I had a great amount of fun.

As I sauntered gingerly into the apartment after work, Jesse took care of me like the geriatric I apparently turned into overnight. He helped me sit down and made me tortellini and let me watch Friends.

Not willing to give into the routine of an old biddy, we decided to see Tropic Thunder. Usually Jesse stays away from such fanfare, as his critical mind demands much higher levels of sophistication in his personal media consumption (except for fart jokes, he always has a laugh for those...and giving them out). We found ourselves laughing a lot, but most especially at Robert Downey, Jr. Oh, RDJ, how happy you continue to make me. He's hilarious, has great timing, and I would never have read that role and been like, "Robert Downey Jr would be perfect for this!" - but he was. And yes, yes, other things were good about the movie, and it's really just the same schtick that Stiller loves, and I LOVE RDJ. Also, interesting fact, I was suprised to see Justin Theroux's name as co-writer on the film during the credits. Ah, an old love. But back to RDJ.

That is all.

After the movie, Jesse and I headed to our friend Bruce McDonald's party at Bowery Electric - he's been living in New York for 14 years and well, he has some great stories. Jonah Bayer was there, too, and I'd tell you more about that if he wasn't so boring and once again, NOT Mark Ronson...(jk Jonahcakes). So we had our Guinesses and laughs.

There's a really great story I want to tell you - but this is public forum. I wouldn't want the person in the story to suddenly seek me out via some networking site and find me laughing (goodheartedly) about them here. I will say that my engagement ring is really big, and it's a funny thing when somebody doesn't notice it, and I start looking like a posing mannequin in the middle of a bar. Even that, was probably too much. OH WELL!

Tonight some mysterious fameballing will be happening at Trainwreck, so get your butt there if you ever wanted a shot at being real. What?


  1. Holy cryptic story, Jessica. :)

    I heard the Tropic Thunder was mildly offensive with its use of the word "retard"? While I don't consider myself easily offended, I do have a soft (or hard) spot for that word. Jeff's uncle is special needs. But it was OK?

  2. emily - i'm not gonna lie, the "retard" stuff made me wince quite a few times. i'm not sure if it completely crosses the line, but it's definitely near it.

  3. I cannot wait to see tropic thunder, have a feeling i will laugh on the floor

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE robert downey junior!!!

  5. Ah I have a super crush on Justin Theroux!

  6. I'm going to go see Tropic Thunder tomorrow...I'm really excited!

    Can we guilt trip some engagement ring pictures out of you lady? = D Even though it's totally awkward and funny to do so?

    Glad you had so much fun with your family and that Jesse's in town!

  7. chele - i'm sure you will!

    paula - of course. i mean, he is FANTASTIC. ;)

    kristen - you and me both.

    kyla bea - enjoy tropic thunder! i've posted pics of the ring and the proposal previous. i'll email you the links :)