Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey handsome, we've got it good.

He always finds ways to surprise me. I mentioned liking a She & Him poster via the Insound20, about a month ago, and I opened up a poster tube today to find it in my hands! Along with a Hold Steady poster for himself. The graphics on the website do them no justice; they're beautiful to hold.


  1. Oh my lord - those are the perfect pair of posters, what an awesome surprise!

  2. Ha! That Hold Steady poster is beyond perfect. Man, I love that band, tonight before or after the movie lets swap music, ill give you Gaslight, you give me She and Him?

  3. aww, that was sweet of him. i love your new poster!

  4. kyla bea - i know, i love them!

    cdecks - it's almost time for you to come back to ny!

    ang - DO IT!

    nicole antoinette - snag one for yourself :)

    sean - post-movie, let's trade music! GEAH.

    lyndsey - very sweet! fanx :)

  5. I can't believe you never told me about this insound place... it is going to be no good for my bank account...but hey I needed more stuff for my walls anyway!