Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Sep 1 - Sep 7)

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I feel like I "remembered" The Cardigans last week. They're truly one of my favorite bands, though, and during the 90s, I listened to their album Life on repeat. I think their breakout album First Band to the Moon is actually my least favorite, but still good. I hated Gran Turismo when it came out in high school, but now I'm obsessed with it. I love that Life seems so happy and sweet and Gran Turismo is decidedly bleak me, it sounds the way a sparsely-decorated, modernly-furnished room looks. And I am not sure that makes sense to anyone but me.

Anyway, all this Cardigans-listening makes sense to me today, because I've been listening to the latest I Surrender signing, Dragonette, and yesterday I couldn't help but compare their lead singer's sweet and honey-like voice to Nina Persson's of The Cardigans. Hold on. HOLD ON! Let me digress.


I've had the opportunity to listen to a few of their songs, as you can on their official myspace, and I am digging it! It's super electro-pop, and a lot of songs are dance-ready. Martina Sorbara's lovely voice plays up and contrasts with some sassy lyrics; it sounds great. There's already a couple of songs' hooks stuck in my head. Some of the songs are even a little Lily Allen-esque with Sorbara's inflections and when she "talks" lyrics (namely on "True Believer"). Though, I have to say, where Lily is coy but rude, Sorbara sounds sugary in the best way possible. The songs also range from familiar-but-updated sounds to bombastic bass beats. My favorite (currently) is obviously the happy circus-y love song, "Get Lucky." It reminds me of Lily + Gwen, but more smiles. Again, thinks in my brain don't make sense sometimes when I'm listening to music!

So, now you know my new obsession, and you should DEFINITELY check the band out. I'd say listen to them if you're into The Ting Tings, Gwen Stefani, Lily Allen, or even Louix XIV. And as for me, I'm beyond stoked because Gaby and Erica informed me that we'll be dance-partying next weekend to TWO Dragonette shows on September 18th and 19th. YES.

Speaking of le Dagger, I should mention that her and Rob hosted a killer Trainwreck last night post-Gym Class release party, and the likes of Kid Rock, Danity Kane, and Adrian Grenier were there. Uh, I didn't see or really care about the first two, but Adrian was right next to Sean and I when we went to get a drink at the bar. Oh hey Vinny Chase! This after spending the past weekend watching Season 4 of Entourage with Gaby and Erica, and the Season 5 premiere the night before. Anyway, the party was awesome and packed and I was sweating profusely, so Sean and I left on the last notes of MC's "Fantasy." It was awesome to see a bunch of friends I haven't seen in a while (summer travels, you know) and kind of kick-in autumn. I am excited.

EDIT - Cobra Starship's Vicky T and Adrian last night - more pics here:

He looked better than this pic. Actually, most of these pics aren't that great. But you can check Erica, Jiscilla, Perry, etc. in them; also, pic 10 - letting you know what's real every Tuesday night.


  1. so jealous you to to see Vinny Chase! Did he look good or was he doing that scruffy lumberjack thing he does sometimes that is just NOT a good look?

    Boyfriend just downloaded She & Him for me. It's love.

  2. I'll have to check out Dragonette, you've convinced me! :)

  3. ooo lovin dragonette! and what a bad ass band name too!

    i wish my lastfm would work, but i can never get my ipod to scrobble.

  4. Adrian Grenier! I've always liked him... ever since Drive Me Crazy, ha!

  5. jamie - scruffy in a good way. and i am still completely and totally obsessed with she & him. to the nth degree!

    paula - yeah!!! do it!

    sarah - ipod scrobbling is essential, oof! yeah, dragonette are sweet. i'm loving the take-charge lyrics, the i don't give a f*ck lyrics, and the fact that it's all coming from a girl. yes!

    sonya ina - LOVE drive me crazy. great teen movie. ha.

    jonah - you were too drunk to be noticed. i didn't see you. HAHA