Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Sep 15 - Sep 21)

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Obviously, last week was Dragonette week. And apparently it's always She & Him week, ever since I got Volume One. It's still amazing. I listen to it every day without fail.


Last night's Trainwreck Birthday was so much fun! I am so enamored with my friends and all they mean to me. Some quick highlights (Jiscilla will have pictures soon, obviously!):

- Erica went to the party store and decided to get all BATMAN themed party stuffs. Quote: "You're a bit more Batman than Hello Kitty." It's true, it's true. This included a blue ribbon pin with Batman's face and it said "BIRTHDAY HERO"!!!!! Of course, we forgot it at home. It will be on display a lot this weekend. You know, on my real birthday.

- Margaritaahhhhhs ! & red velvet cupcakes provided via Jiscilla!

- I was a total Betty last night. YEAH! High-waisted dress that hooped it a little bit. And you saw my curled hair and make-up in the last post.

- Co-birthday-er Keller's awesome ladyfriend got us cakes and the bar sang us Happy Birthday!

- A dude I haven't seen since highschool showed up. The first dude to break my teeny heart. I may or may not have relayed that to him last night. Ha! He was very apologetic. :)

- Meik! got me COMIC BOOKS as a present! SO SWEET!

- Perry totes broke out a LAMB watch for me - YES! (see how my friends are awesome?)

- DJs Rob Hitt & Erica Dagley = hearts.

- Green shirt.

- Oh hey, I am understandably angry when a friend lies to me. But, since you're no longer my friend, I guess I simply don't care. I'm pretty sure I never should have in the first place.

- I sat on a couch to rest my high-heeled feet and when I got up, I was wiping crumbs off my seat. When I got home I realized I'd sat in some chocolate cupcake crumbs, and um, it looked like I poo'd. "Poop or chocolate?!"

- Homies. That is all.

- Dancing, nerding out, loving all my friends.

- MEIK! posted a few pics on his flickr!


Yay! It was so much fun. This weekend the fun other states! More on that later, amigos.


  1. I'm still lolling hardcore on "poop or chocolate?"

  2. yesssss - proof that i was there! my little head hovers above that dude's gray hat.

    ps- you can add 'katie brought me twilight for my birthday... now i can see what the hype is all about.' in about 72 hours.

  3. I'm so saaaaaaadddd...but I'm glad you had fun and glad you posted pics!!! I cant wait to see youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  4. my hat is green katie green!

    best trainwreck in way too long.

  5. i started listening to She & Him. SO good.

  6. jiscilla - hahaha remember when you fell asleep during that movie? HA!

    katie brown - YOU RULE!!!!!!!

    christy - i can't WAIT for you to visit. OMGZ!

    sean - totally the best trainwreck in a long while!

    liz - i am in love with she&him. i honestly think if any album in this world personified me, it'd be volume one. that may be a post idea, too. ha.